Router Refusing to Connect

The Internet and its proper connectivity are required in nearly every moment of daily life. From getting an online ride to ordering food all you need is the internet. It can be troublesome for you if you don’t have the proper internet connection. In many cases, the problem lies in the router. If your router is not perfect or it is refusing to connect, you will not have a proper internet connection. To get the proper speed you need to solve this problem. In this article we will make you aware of the router refusing to connect, this article can help you in solving problems related to this.

router refusing to connect

What is a router? 

The router is the most important part of an internet connection. It is a device that is used to connect two or more networks or subnetworks. The router allows multiple devices to use the same internet connection at the same time. The main purpose of a router is to manage traffic between these networks. There are several types of routers available in the market but routers for LAN and WAN are mostly used. Usually, LAN requires a single router due to its limited area of network coverage whereas WAN requires more routers to reach the maximum areas of network coverage.

Why is the router refusing to connect? 

Every router is made after considering the security of the user. The main reason for the router refusing to connect is security and privacy. If a router finds any device unauthorized and a threat to security it can refuse to connect. Even if it is your router, you may not be able to connect if your router doesn’t find it perfect. The router is prepared in such a way that even a small error in it will refuse to connect. Due to some security reasons, the router thinks that you are going to attack the network. That is the reason it refused to connect. 

Also, it refuses to connect if it has not been rebooted for a long time. Due to its long use, it may not allow connecting the devices. Though, these problems and issues can be solved using simple methods. The ways of fixing it are so easy that any individual can do them. You may not need any external support from your service provider. In some cases where the problems are complicated, you may need guidance from your service provider. 

How to fix the problem of the router refusing to connect? 

If the router refuses to connect, you may have to suffer network problems. You may not be able to use the internet until the problem is solved. If you also face the router refusing to connect, here are some of the ways which can help you in solving that easily. 

1.Enter correct router address– Many times it happens that you enter the wrong address of the router due to which it is unable to connect. This is the most common error made by most users. If your router refuses to connect, you must check the router address you have entered. If it’s wrong, you need to correct it for proper connectivity. 

2. Disable firewall and antivirus– Though the security measures are important, it sometimes creates trouble for you. These safety measures scan the networks and automatically block the network that is considered a threat to the system. It sometimes prevents the connection. You can disable the firewall and antivirus if router refusessing to connect. 

3. Restart your router– It is the simplest way you can fix your problem of the router refusing to connect. If you experience a problem related to the router, you first unplug your router, wait for a minute and then restart it. Your problem may get solved. If you still feel the problem you need to choose other ways or contact your service provider for guidance. 

When should I reboot my router? 

Rebooting devices is important for their long-lasting performance. The router also needs a reboot. You need to reboot your router at least once a week. Rebooting your router will help you in connecting the devices easily. You may not feel the problem of the router refusing to connect after rebooting at regular intervals. Rebooting helps devices to give their performance in the best way possible. 


Routers are the most important part of internet connection. If your router is refusing to connect, it means you are not having a proper internet connection. If your router is refusing to connect, you can use the ways given above in the article. Usually, these ways help solve this issue but, if you are still unable to solve the problem you can contact your service provider. If you experience this problem at every connection we suggest you to replace the router with a new one. Also, we suggest you take care of your router by rebooting it every week.

Router Refusing to Connect

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