Rosecliff mansion wedding cost-Know More 

Rosecliff mansion is a gilded age mansion. Located in New Port, Rhode Island. It was built in the years 1898 to 1902 and is now open to the public as a historic house museum. The property is also available for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, product launches, etc.   Here we will see about Rosecliff mansion wedding cost

The average cost of renting the Rosecliff mansion for wedding on a Saturday evening is about $15,000. On some other days of the week, the rental fee may be as low as $8000. The price per head can range from $135 to $500, depending on a number of factors. 

Rosecliff mansion wedding cost

Rosecliff mansion wedding cost 

Wedding at the Rosecliff-

The Rosecliff is known for its grandeur and the way it channels old world class with its French Baroque revival architecture and beautiful grounds. It features New Port’s largest ballroom, which can accommodate up to 200 people for dinner and dancing, and a heart shaped staircase that everyone wants in their wedding portraits. It is an ideal wedding destination for both intimate and extravagant weddings. The museum hosts only one event every evening to ensure that each detail is perfect. The museum’s special events staff is responsible for overlooking all events. 

The Salon is adjacent to the ballroom and is able to act as extra seating for up to 90 guests or can be utilized as a ceremony space for up to 130 people. There is a specially assigned dining room for the wedding buffet. The clients have a large option of highly rated caterers to choose from for their special day. Suites are available for the bride and groom. With its ocean front setting and over 8 acres of beautifully manicured grounds, The Rosecliff makes a great location for a classy wedding. 

Venue features

  • The ceremony- the majestic ocean views of the lawn, the elegance of the Salon, and the overall grandeur of Rosecliff make it the picture perfect venue for the wedding ceremony. 
  • Dine and dance- the guests have the opportunity to enjoy the vast views of the oceanfront landscape while they dance and dine under the grand chandeliers of Newport’s largest ballroom. 
  • Cocktails with a view- the canopied terrace under the glistening white façade of the building boasts beautiful panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean. The guests usually gather here for cocktails with a gorgeous view before entering the ballroom. 
  • Rehearsal dinners- the Rosecliff has two stunning venues to host rehearsal dinners. 

The Marble House Terrace- the Marble House is a national historic landmark. The view from this terrace overlooks the Chinese Tea House and the Atlantic ocean. It can seat 200 people for dinner and up to 250 for cocktails.

The Chinese Tea House- the Tea House is apt for a more intimate and picturesque kind of celebration. It is situated atop the Cliff Walk, overlooking the ocean. It can seat up to 50 guests for dinner and 80 for a cocktail reception. 

  • Entertainment- Rosecliff was designed as a venue to showcase extravagant summer entertainments. It was modeled after the Grand Trianon of Versailles, a baroque pavilion. After Rosecliff was completed in 1902, many of the most lavish social events of the Gilded age were hosted here. It has also been featured in many famous Hollywood movies, including The Great Gatsby, 27 dresses, True Lies, etc. 
  • Food and catering- the Newport Mansions Caterers are some of the finest in Newport and are selected and licensed to provide high quality food and services in the magnificent museum settings. They demonstrate excellence in food quality, preparation, and presentation. They have the ability to recreate the Gilded Age experience in sync with the museum’s historic avenues. 

Extra costs- Some additional costs may be added along with the wedding costs. These include 

  • The table and chair rental- $7 to $10
  • Event staff- $17.50 per hour per employee
  • Police officer presence- $55 per hour
  • Preparation fee- $2500

Saving money at Rosecliff- Working with a wedding coordinator can help with a tight budget. Hosting the ceremony during the off peak months, like January, February, and March, can help reduce the venue renting costs. The catering and other services are provided at a reduced cost during these months. Days other than Friday and Saturday also have lower rental costs. The rent is also reduced in the winter season. 


The Rosecliff mansion, with its majestic ocean views, the grand ballroom, Marble Terrace and Chinese Tea Room, makes an amazing location for hosting wedding ceremonies, anniversary parties and other grand events. 

Frequently asked questions

Is the Chinese Tea Room available for rental?

The Chinese Tea Room at Rosecliff is available for renting to host intimate celebrations. It can seat up to 50 guests for dinner and 80 for cocktail reception. 

Is a wedding at Rosecliff worth it?

Weddings at Rosecliff are a grand affair. The chandeliers, the heart shaped staircase, the grand ballroom, stunning views of the ocean, all make Rosecliff an ideal location to get married. 

Rosecliff mansion wedding cost-Know More 

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