58 Places Where Can I Get 5 Cash Back or 10 Cash Back? – Know More

You might find yourself in a situation where you would like to get $5 or $10 cash back. Sometimes we encounter circumstances where you need cash and not your credit card, you might not even find an arm near you where you can get it fast, we all know that some ATMs do not dispense $5 or $10. You might find yourself asking where you can get $5 and $10 cashback. Let’s see 58 Places Where Can I Get 5 Cash Back or 10 Cash Back.

58 Places Where Can I Get 5 Cash Back or 10 Cash Back

The good news is that there are places where you can get $5 or $10 cash near you, unlike some ATMs with the minimum amount of withdrawal at $20. These places offer cash back on your purchases. They include grocery stores, discount stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. This can be incredibly helpful to customers, they can shop and still get cash back at these stores. 

58 Places Where Can I Get 5 Cash Back

Below is a list of 58 different places where you can get cash back easily. 

Discount Stores That Operate Cash Back Policies

1. Dollar General

2. Dollar Tree

3. Family Dollar

Gas Stations That Operate Cash Back Policies

4. ampm

5. BP


7. Conoco

8. ExxonMobil

9. Kwik Fill

10. Kwik Trip

11. Kum & Go

12. Marathon

13. Phillips 66

14. QuickTrip

15. Shell

16. Sunoco

17. Texaco

18. Valero

19. Weis Markets

Convenience Stores That Operate Cash Back Policies 

20. 7-Eleven

21. Circle K

22. Casey’s General Store

Grocery Stores That Operate Cash Back Policies 

23. Whole Foods

24. Winn-Dixie

25.. Albertsons

26. ALDI

27. Farm Fresh

28 Food Lion

29. Fred Meyer

30. Giant Eagle

31.. Hannaford

32.. Harris Teeter

33. H-E-B

34. Meijer

35. Publix

36. Raley’s Supermarket

37. Ralph’s.

38. Safeway

39. Save Mart Supermarkets

40. Shoppers Food Warehouse

41. ShopRite

42. SuperValu

43. Tops Friendly Markets

44. Trader Joe’s

45. Vons

46. Wegmans

47. Hy-Vee

48. JayC

49. Jewel-Osco

50.  Kroger

51.  Mariano’s

Office Supply Stores That Operate Cash Back Policies

52. Staples

Pharmacies That Operate Cash Back Policies

53. Walgreens

54. Rite Aid

55.  CVS

Retail Stores That Operate Cash Back Policies

56. Walmart 

57. Costco

58. Target 

Credit cards that can be used to earn cash back 

Cash back credit cards give a convenient and flexible strategy to earn rewards on your purchases. Some cash-back credit cards give you a flat rate on every transaction, while others give you the most cash back in specific areas. The following are cash-back credit cards used. 

  1. Discover it Cash Back.
  2. Chase Freedom Unlimited
  3. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express
  4. Discover it chrome
  5. Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express 
  6. Chase Freedom Flex
  7. Citi Custom Cash Card
  8. Citi® Double Cash Card 
  9. U.S. Bank Cash Visa Signature Card
  10. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Cash Back on a Debit Card?

There are highs and lows to everything. A debit card isn’t an exception when it comes to getting cash back. The approach, which seeks to improve customer satisfaction and ease, benefits both merchants and customers. The advantages and disadvantages of earning cash back using a debit card are listed below.

Consumer Advantages

  • Convenience: Customers benefit from the transaction because it makes people’s lives easy.  Customers can obtain fast cash instead of driving to the bank when they buy with their debit cards, saving them a trip to the bank.
  • Save more: Customers can save money by saving gas and time. 
  • Customers pay no fees: Most retailers do not charge fees for obtaining cash back, except for minimum order conditions. Customers can save money by not using ATMs with excessive fees.


  • Purchase things: To obtain cash back from a store, you must make purchases.
  • Minimums: A minimum purchase quantity may be required by some shops.
  • Fees: Cashback withdrawal fees are charged by some stores.
  • The maximum amount of money back Maximum cash back restrictions vary by store, ranging from $10 to hundreds of dollars.

Being able to get cash back while doing your grocery runs or everyday life is convenient and often saves time. As seen above there are several places where you can easily get can back without much difficulty. Hope it helps! Cheers!

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • When I get cash back on a debit card at a store, is there a fee?

Although there are no fees, there is still a minimum criterion to receive cash back. However, unlike an ATM branch, you can’t just stroll into a store and get cash with no ties involved. It is not permitted by the store’s policies. For you to be eligible for cashback, you must complete certain criteria. Some retailers require you to make any purchase to receive cash back on your debit card, while many have set the minimum purchase amount to receive free cash back. It necessitates the purchase of something you may not require, such as cheap confectionery.

  • What Stores Don’t Accept Debit Cards for Cash Back?

When looking for locations to get $5 or $10 cash back, it’s crucial to know which ones don’t accept credit cards. Even though the process is basic and uncomplicated, some companies will not enable you to pay more than the purchase price.

The following are three businesses where you can’t get cash back when paying with a debit card:

  1. The bulk of clothing businesses
  2. Stores that sell household commodities
  3. Stores that sell home furnishings
58 Places Where Can I Get 5 Cash Back or 10 Cash Back? – Know More

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