Air Canada Pet Policy- Know More About It

Human beings love pets whether it is dogs, cats, guinea pigs or rabbits. People want to take their beloved pets with them wherever they go. Most people travelling in aeroplanes face so many restrictions to carrying their pets with them from one place to another. Air Canada permits pets to travel by their masters on most of the flights operated under Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada express. Let us know more detail about ‘Air Canada Pet Policy’.

Air Canada Pet Policy

Air Canada Pet Policy

However, animals are not allowed on a flight if it flies to the UK or Hawaii. A single cat or single dog is allowed per adult traveller. The pet should be small enough to not cause any problem to other travellers, it should be able to stand, turn around and lie down inside its carrier. The carrier should have a waterproof bottom and must have proper ventilation. Air Canada can also ban dogs or cats on flights that do not have HEPA filters when any person with an allergy to dogs or cats is travelling along only planes having HEPA filters can allow pets in this case, a five-row buffer zone must be formed between the pet and the person with allergy inside the aircraft.

Pets allowed:

Only one cat or one small dog per passenger is permitted to fly.


Air Canada does not permit pets on the flights going to the following destinations: Barbados, Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Jamaica, Hong Kong, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa. However, Air Canada may take pets out from the UK and Hawaii. Pets are not permitted to fly in First class or bulkhead row in any class.


One must notify Air Canada that he/she is flying with his/her pet within 24 hours of making the booking. The master must be an adult passenger and the pet will be counted on his/her carry-on allowance. 


The person must reach the airport and check in with an Air Canada ticket agent at least 30 minutes before the flight timing. When travelling internationally all forms must be presented at check in for the destination country.

Service and support animals:

Air Canada does not charge any fee for the professionally trained service and support animals that are assisting the traveller with disabilities. Passengers must carry certification that the animal has been trained to a person with a disability by a professional service animal institute.  The pet must be properly harnessed and sit on the passenger’s lap during the journey. The prior notice needs to be submitted for such a case a minimum of 48 hours in advance. From March 1, 2021, Air Canada will not permit emotional support animals to fly in a cabin.


One way travel charges for a pet are $50 within Canada and Canada/USA. For international travelling, $100 is imposed on the passenger.

Maximum carrier size:

The allowed maximum carrier size for hard-sided carrier is- height=23cm, width= 40cm and length= 55cm. For soft sized carriers the dimensions are- height= 27cm, width=40cm and length=55cm. Those pet carriers which exceed the above-mentioned dimensions can be transported in the checked baggage compartment, however, they must not weigh more than 45kg (100 lb) or measure 292cm in linear dimensions.

Baggage Compartment:

If your pets cannot fly with you due to the restrictions mentioned above, they can still be transported comfortably and safely on the same flight in the cargo compartment which will be perfectly pressurized. Also in the baggage compartment, you can send up to 2 pets in the same carrier. However, there are certain limitations to this as not all aircraft are equipped with temperature and ventilation controlling devices. Air Canada may not be able to transport your pet if the temperature reaches 29.5C (85F).

During the summer it is advised to travel either early in the morning or late in the evening flights to get the possible temperature to travel with your pet.

Banned Breeds:

Air Canada will not transport the following mentioned dogs and cat breeds: 

For dogs Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog (all breeds including the American), Japanese Chin, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, Zuchon or Shichon and Tibetan Spaniel are such breeds. For cats, Exotic shorthair, Himalayan cats, Persian cats, Scottish fold, British shorthair and Burmese cats are not allowed on the flight.

Now we’ve learnt about ‘Air Canada Pet Policy’, Air Canada does allow pets, emotional support animals and professionally trained animals. One cat or one small dog is allowed to travel along with an adult passenger. However, there are certain guidelines one needs to follow to carry their beloved pets along with them. One must provide a prior notice that he/she will be flying with their pet, only one animal is allowed per adult passenger.

Frequently asked questions:
  • Question 1: Can I travel by horse on the plane?

Answer: No you cannot, only one cat or one small dog is allowed per person.

  • Question 2: Can minors travel with a pet?

Answer: No only an adult passenger with a pet is allowed to fly.

  • Question 3: Can I carry my dog without the carrier?

Answer: No, only trained service animals and emotional support animals are allowed to sit on their master’s lap inside the plane. 

  • Question 4: What Canadian airlines allow pets?

Answer: Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express flights that are operated by Jazz, Sky Regional and Air Georgian allow pets.

Air Canada Pet Policy- Know More About It

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