Does Youtube Tv Have Unlimited Screens?

YouTube TV offers a great lineup of channels at a very low price, making it one of the newest streaming services on the market.Streaming on multiple devices at once is one of the convenient features that make youtube TV so popular. Let us know about that the Does Youtube Tv Have Unlimited Screens?

Does Youtube Tv Have Unlimited Screens?

How many devices can be streamed simultaneously?

YouTube TV allows you to stream multiple devices simultaneously. A video can be streamed simultaneously to three different devices. Regardless of whether any of the customers are logged in. 

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According to YouTube rules, customers can create up to six accounts with a YouTube TV subscription. This means separate accounts do not require the same password. But, the same profile can log in to upto 3 devices.

How to add more accounts to your youtube tv subscription?

Subscribers can give their families access to their Youtube TV accounts. Additional five people can be added to the main account and stream from their profiles. Adding them later or creating your account is the best way to accomplish this.

  • Customers need to sign in to their youtube tv.
  • Select the profile picture on the right which will show the rest of the information tabs.
  • Go to the setting option
  • Choose the family sharing option
  • Customers to go further to continue the steps 
  • They should read the screen guide to set up the family group tv.
  • An email will be provided to the customers who will be joining the subscription.
  • they need to accept the invitation email and join the family.

Devices that support youtube tv:

  • Amazon Fire TV services 
  • Roku Tv
  • Android tv
  • Apple tv(4th generation models ), Apple Tv 4k series 
  • Samsung Smart Tv(models after 2016 and newer)
  • LG Smart Tv 
  • Hisense TV
  • Web browsers like (Brave, google chrome, and Firefox)
  • Android Devices 
  • iPhone or Ipads (ios 11 or above )
  • Xbox
  • Vizio Smartcast TV.

How to set up a Youtube TV Subscription?

  • Go to the Youtube Tv website.
  • Sign In with your email id. Then choose the option TRY IT Free button.
  • Give your location and zip code 
  • The total price and the networks included must be checked if any further channels are required they can add them through the ADD-ONS buttons right corner.
  • Provide your credit card or other details which are accepted for payments. Choose the start trail after that.

Customers can get extra featurs with 4k plus:

The 4k plus lets customers add extra viewing options to the Youtube subscription. YouTube TV subscribers can watch certain live on-demand programs in ultra-high definition with 4k plus. You can also enjoy unlimited simultaneous streams at home and use the youtube mobile app to view the recordings offline using the phone or tablet.

What do customers get from the 4k plus subscription?

  • 4K viewing on available content 
  • Unlimited streams 
  • Customers can watch DVR recording offline for available content.

The above options can be chosen by the customers during the selection of their plan, through select add-on networks. If the customers already subscribed to the add-on networks with these packages, then customers automatically have 4k services availed.

Customers can check through their Youtube TV settings to see which features are available on networks that they have subscribed 

  • To see which networks offer 4k, go to the settings option and click on the 4k option.
  • To see which networks offer offline viewing with recording available, customers can go through the setting options and go to the downloads section.
  • To check the screen limits they can visit settings and see in the screen limit section.

How customers can get their 4k plus membership?

The cost of the 4k plus add-on may fluctuate from time to time. There are usually discounts and free trials available for it. They also have special offers. Customers can visit the settings and check the membership option there in the Youtube Tv app.

When the 4K support will be available on most of the devices. Currently, most networks still broadcast in 720p. Few of the shows come in 1080p, and almost none of them come with 4K. So, for now, customers must not buy a 4K plan on youtube Tv. As some movies or games can stream at 4K.As Streaming in 4K mostly depends upon the resampling, as the NVIDIA SHIELD TV does.

But, the best thing for the 4K is that Youtube Tv will be allowing unlimited concurrent streams with this membership. The current plans only allow three streams simultaneously. As they were following the industry average. But, they provide their customers to create five accounts on Youtube TV. And providing the customers with unlimited options is the best they could provide.


As youtube offers 4k plus membership and they can stream 3 devices from the same login id. Also,5- members can create accounts with the same id so they do not have to remember others’ passwords. But, this also has some criteria set by the company. If a network restricts the content that can be downloaded, it’s very likely that some shows will not be available to download. Despite the fact that customers are downloading previously recorded content from the DVR. Customers can expect to download each and every show.

The major concern of the customers is how much they are going to charge for the services they will be providing, they will alter if the prices become too high.

Does Youtube Tv Have Unlimited Screens?

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