The Trucking Industry Faces Driver Shortage

In this era of modernization, everyone is trying to get employed with a job that pays well. People look for work that gives them the identity of their living. Everyone out there wants a prosperous job that represents their good character and also pays well at the same time. However, the job they get is based on their skills. Today, new career opportunities are explored by people like content writing, social media handling, graphic designing, sales and marketing, and many more easy jobs than older job opportunities like a driver, conductor, delivery boy, salesman, etc. Let us know about that the The Trucking Industry Faces Driver Shortage.

The Trucking Industry Faces Driver Shortage

Driver Shortage in Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is facing a heavy shortage of drivers in the current few years. There are multiple reasons for this shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. The trucks in the industries are heavily loaded and it needs to have an experienced driver. The average age of a truck driver in the US trucking industry is 55. It has a large impact on the industry when these aged people retire from the job and new young people join the work in a small number as compared to several retired people. Another reason for this shortage can be a male-dominated society. There is a conception that the trucking industry needs only men to do the tough work but the reality is something else. Women too can do the same task even better than men if they get a chance to show their powers and strength.  

Reasons for Driver Shortage in Trucking Industry

The shortage of drivers in the trucking industry is a serious problem. It is affecting the economy of the whole nation. Following are the reasons for driver shortage in the industry

Less number of young employees

The average age of a driver in the trucking industry is 55. According to data, 57% of truck drivers are over 45 years old whereas only 20% of the truckers are under 40 years of age. It creates a big gap as more people will retire at a time and a small number of people will join the work.

Attraction towards other industries

People nowadays want a better job where they can earn more by working less. Especially the young folks are entering new industries to work which creates a massive shortage of truckers. This is obvious too, as the mentality of people is changing to explore new fields of work.

The demand for only experienced truckers

The recruiter’s demand to have experience in the work is a genuine problem. If a fresher is trying to get a job, how will he be able to get experience before work? Also, it takes one to do training and get a CDL.

Male-oriented society

People have a misconception about females that they can not do the work of males. But the reality is that females did not get any chance to represent themselves. They too can do the work a man does. Trucking is not a difficult task for women. They can do so too with equal efficiency to men.

How the shortage of drivers can be fulfilled?

The following points can accomplish the driver shortage in the trucking industry

  • Encouraging more young people to join the trucking industry can maintain the ratio of age difference in truckers.
  • Acknowledging people about the industry and by handsome salary can help more people to attract to the industry.
  • The recruiters should understand the problems of freshers and they should be given enough time to get their training and CDL.
  • Employing women can also reduce the shortage of truckers in the industry.


Transportation is the backbone of the economy of a nation. If it fails it can truly shake the overall economy of the country. The problem of truckers shortage in the industry should be eliminated as soon as possible so that it will not affect the overall growth of the nation. Above mentioned points can help to reduce the problem of massive trucker shortage.

  1. Does the trucking industry need hard work?

Yes, it needs to do hard work in the trucking industry. Not only in the trucking industry but in every industry one needs to work hard to earn a living. The trucking industry needs to load the truck heavily and travel large distances to transport the goods from one location to another.

  1. I am 21, can I join the trucking industry?

Yes, one can be a driver in the industry if he is 21 years of age. Apart from age, it needs to have the proper training for the driver’s role along with the e CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

The Trucking Industry Faces Driver Shortage

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