Zaxby’s Loyalty Program – Know More

Zaxby’s is an American fast-food chain company in the US with 123 locations under Zaxby’s company and the rest of 600 under franchisees. Zaxby’s specializes in chicken fingers, chicken wings, salads, and sandwiches. The business is a casual dining restaurant. Zaxby’s has kept its brand identity and reputation as a major market player. In this article, we will see more about Zaxby’s Loyalty Program.

Zaxbys Loyalty Program

To attract customers on a larger scale, Zaxby’s has its unique loyalty programs. The brand offers unique offers and coupons to its users. One can easily claim them at the stores or on the app. The brand has been serving its customers with the utmost loyalty, and that is where the band played its main marketing card. The loyalty programs act as the cherry on top for the brand. The majority of customers are attracted to brands where they receive maximum offers and claims that are reliable. The brand has done an amazing job here. 

Zaxby’s Loyalty Program

To find out more about Zaxby’s loyalty programs, keep reading.

Before you begin, it is critical to understand what loyalty programs entail. Here’s your quick guide.

What are loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are marketing strategies that help the brand or company attract customers. These strategies include offers or unique surprises for the customers where they are given fair access to enjoy the brand in the best possible manner. Point-based rewards, gift coupons, or discount coupons might be familiar to you. These fall under loyalty programs. These loyalty programs help attract new customers and retain old ones. It also encourages the dormant ones to help the brand “get back to business”.

How can you join a loyalty program?

The process of joining a loyalty program is easy and simple. You only need a few personal details, such as your name, phone number, and identity proof, to back you up. You can register for such programs either in the stores or simply on the app.

Do these loyalty programs expire?

Loyalty programs are based on offers. A particular coupon, for example, might lose its value over time once its validity expires. However, the concept of point-based rewards is unique. Point-based rewards are not easily exhausted. You can claim them easily, even if you have a dormant account.

As you have gained a fair idea of these loyalty programs, let us look at what Zaxby’s offers. 


What is better than having someone who gives you a free treat on your birthday? At Zaxby’s, you have that offer. On your birthday, you can get three free cookies at participating Zaxby’s stores (your coupon is printed with your favorite location and the coupon is only valid at that one location). 

What you must do is as follows:

  • To receive your annual birthday present, join Zaxby’s Zax Mail Club (and/or Zax Text Club).
  • With link sign-up, you’ll also receive an extra sandwich meal!
  • Annual birthday presents are distributed by email, and registration is required in advance.
  • To redeem a birthday gift, a phone number is required.
  • Current birthday present (free items) details
  • Three free cookies are given as a birthday gift.

Redeem your birthday present at the restaurant by redeeming the deal. Enjoy your free treat using this offer.


Zaxby’s has an amazing offer where you can treat yourself with their signature sandwich if you download their app When you join the Zax Club at Zaxby’s, you’ll receive a coupon for a free Signature Sandwich! No purchase is necessary. You will have it for free.

There are other such offers available through Zaxby’s app. Install the app and enjoy your rewards. Zaxby’s also provides various in-store offers for its customers. Visit your nearest store and take advantage of your opportunity to eat and pay well.


You can redeem your rewards when you use the app to make a purchase or when you scan the app in-store.

Simply add the item to your cart to receive a reward when ordering ahead of time using the app. Once you have the eligible item in your cart, the incentive will be applied instantly. Some awards can be kept for later use by going to the Rewards menu and switching the reward off. Please keep in mind that turning off a reward does not prolong its expiration date.

Simply order the qualifying products at the register and scan your app to claim a reward in-store. Regardless of whether you scan your “Redeem” or “Redeem & Pay” QR code, your reward will be redeemed.


At Zaxby’s, you can avail the best possible offers from your nearest store and even conveniently from the app. The loyalty programs are for your convenience. The bonanza offers that Zaxby’s puts up, be it for birthdays or for doing simple tasks like downloading the app, are immensely popular and attract a lot of its customers. Make sure you avail of these offers earnestly.

  • Who is eligible to join Zaxby’s loyalty program?

Zaxby’s loyalty program is free and is joined by anyone. You only need your credentials and you are in.

  • How can I redeem my rewards?

You can redeem your rewards by visiting the stores. You cannot claim the offers through the app. 

Zaxby’s Loyalty Program – Know More

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