Comet : The Free Sci-Fi Channel


As an avid fan of entertainment, you must be well aware of the imaginative and endlessly entertaining niche of movies and TV series that is Science Fiction. Let us know about Comet : The Free Sci-Fi Channel, where can you watch the Comet TV free Sci-Fi channel and the movies run on the comet channel in this article.

Comet : The Free Sci-Fi Channel


Science Fiction or simply Sci-Fi is a niche of entertainment that does not let the laws of the physical world stop the makers from making what they wanted to. With advanced movie filming tactics and computer-generated images (CGI), Sci-Fi movies and TV series like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s box-office cult classic hit movie Terminator (1984) are always the choice of a science fiction-loving fan. 

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Now, if you are one of those sci-fi geeks that just can’t get enough of the otherworldly entertainment, you must be looking for a channel that plays your favorite classic science fiction movies and TV series like The Terminator and James Bond’s Moonraker or Buffy The Vampire Slayer and X-Files. Here, we are going to talk about one such channel named Comet TV. 


Comet TV is a free television broadcasting channel that plays content specifically from the science fiction niche of movies and TV series, most of the content being from Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Released jointly by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Comet TV provides free service of science fiction movies and TV shows primarily via the Dish Network across the entire country.

With a 72% area coverage over the country, Comet TV is watched and enjoyed by millions every day. Here, we are going to answer the following questions regarding the Comet TV:

  1. Where can you watch the Comet TV free science fiction channel?
  2. What movies and TV shows are run on the Comet TV channel?

Let’s get on with it.

Where can you watch the Comet TV free science fiction channel?

Comet TV is primarily hosted by the television service provider Dish. It is also available on streaming services like Apple TV, FuboTV, YouTubeTV, Roku, and Sling TV Satellite Company. This channel is free on all streaming services.

This channel is also available nationwide on the Dish carrier and that too, free of cost. To watch the Comet TV sci-fi channel on your Dish network, just follow the instructions given and you will have free and unrestricted access to classic science fiction movies like The Outer Limits and some good TV series like X-Files as well.

To access Comet TV on the Dish network, all you have to do is flip to the right channel number. There is no need to subscribe to this channel as a separate entity.

Dish TV has Comet TV on channel number 289.

What movies and TV shows are run on the Comet TV channel?

The Comet TV channel runs all the best Science Fiction movies and TV series on its 1080p high-definition stream. Some of the movies and TV series you might be able to see for free on this channel are as follows:

1.The Terminator 1984

Starring one of the biggest action-movie stars ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger, this movie is an all-time favorite of millions across the world.

2.Black Sabbath 1963

This movie traces the story of a haunted nurse, a stalked-call girl, and a Vampire. This is a horror movie often considered the epitome of horror movies.

3.Tales of Terror 1962

Based on the literary works of Edgar Allan Poe, this movie follows the story of a man who cheats death to defy all odds and save his wife.

4.Burnt Offering 1976

Starring a haunted house that causes troubles to two men who live in it, the movie is a real classic horror movie with all the best elements of a horror movie in it.

5.Piranha 1978

This movie stars flesh-eating carnivorous piranhas that are modified by mad military scientists to eat whatever they see. When they set losses unwittingly, they wreak havoc on a resort.

6.The X-Files

In this popular TV show, an FBI agent and a brilliant woman work together to get to the bottom of paranormal events.

7.Buffy The Vampire Slayer

In this popular TV show, Buffy Summers defies all odds by being a normal high school student who also happens to be a killer and hunter of vampires and demons.

8.Night Gallery

In this somber TV show, a story of real paranormal and macabre events is told via paintings of a famous artist. 


Here, we discussed the free science fiction-dedicated TV channel Comet TV. Airing for free on popular network Dish as well as other popular streaming sources, Comet TV airs the best and brightest of all American science fiction movies and TV shows like the Terminator, Burnt Offerings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is the channel number for Comet TV on the Dish network?

Comet TV airs on the Dish network for free on channel number 289.

2.Does Comet TV have James Bond movies as well?

Comet TV has the best science fiction movies including the spy and thriller classics of James Bond. You can see movies like Moonraker and whatnot.

Comet : The Free Sci-Fi Channel

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