Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

Living abroad or away from your family and friends makes it difficult to connect. It gets difficult to be with them or help them. However, Smith’s Western union Services can be your way of securing your loved ones anywhere they are. With Smith Western Union services, you can be for your loved ones anytime, anywhere. Not just that, with Smith, you get access to different cashing through cards, cheques, and the facility of even directly paying your dues! Let’s learn about ‘Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours’.

Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

Smith’s western union money center generally is open from 8 am to 8 pm, all seven days of the week; however, the hours for a few stores may be different. You can make money orders, cash in cheques, or withdraw cash through cards at Smiths. It is recommended to check the working hours on the store locator before you go to the store. You are also eligible for discounts if you own a Smith’s Shoppers card.

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Buying Money Order: Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

Customers can buy Western Union money orders at the Money Center desk. To buy a money order, one only has the option of paying by cash; Smit doesn’t accept debit or credit cards. The cost of a money order can range from $0.79-to $2( approximately). The general limit of a money order that can be purchased varies from$500-$1000. However, there can be slight variation depending upon each store. If your required amount exceeds the allowed limit, you can buy multiple orders.

Cashing Money Order: Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

Smith’s also allows in cash orders, the cost of which will be $3. At Smith’s, you can cash orders from all issuers except for U.S. POSTAL SERVICES. The required documents for cashing a money order shall be a valid government photo ID.

Cashing Money Through Cards- 

Smith’s Money Center can assist you with receiving cash from your salary, benefits, or debit card. Fees for this service start at $3 for amounts up to $2,000 and $5.50 for balances between $2,000.01 and $5,000 if you have a Smith’s Shopper’s Card. Expect to pay roughly $0.50 extra for each transaction if you do not have a Shopper’s Card. This service can allow you to cash as much or as little of your card balance as you require, and you may obtain the money in whatever combination of bill denominations you like.

Cheque Cashing 

Payroll checks, government checks, income tax return checks, insurance settlement checks, and checks generated by companies can all be cashed at Smith’s. However, Smith’s Money Center does not accept personal checks, starter checks, or third-party checks.

Using Western Union’s Billdesk-

Smith’s customers also have the privilege of using Western Union’s bill payment facility for over 15000 businesses. The fee to pay these bills at Smith’s depends on the company whose bill is being paid. However, the fees shall range from $1-$10. This service can be used only if the company is in the bill pay database. You can use the Money Services Biller Lookup to ensure the biller or the company is in the database.

To pay the bill, one needs to bring the bill along with the account number as mentioned on the bill and the cash of the required bill amount. Unfortunately, credit or debit cards can’t be used to make payments through Western Union’s Bill pay. Generally, people pay utility bills, phone, credit card bills, car, and home mortgage installments, etc. however one can also make payments to government agencies, health care providers, and child support. 

Smith’s bill pay service might be most helpful, especially if you find you have a bill right away. In addition, payments to select organizations can be completed on the same day to prevent late fines.

Money Transfers –

As mentioned before, at Smith’s, you can also avail the service of money transfers through Western Union. You can send money straight to a bank account or another Western Union outlet for a friend or loved one to pick up in person. This service is available for both domestic and international money transfers.

Bring your government-issued picture ID and be prepared to pay with cash or a debit card to transfer money. You’ll also need the recipient’s name as it appears on the government-issued ID they’ll be using to pick up the payments and the nation, city, province, or state they live in.

When the transfer is complete, the person assisting you will give you an MTCN – a money transfer control number. The MTCN is a 10-digit reference code included on your receipt. You must provide the MTCN to the individual you have sent money to so that they may pick up the payments. Therefore, it’s a good idea to maintain the receipt until the receiver has picked up the money.

The fees for money transfer usually start from $4.99; however, for this facility, since you can pay from either cash or debit card, the fee shall thus vary on the mode of payment being used for transferring money. Further, the fee for money transfer also depends on the Smith’s store one visits. Finally, there is no predetermined transfer limit; your transfer history determines it with Western Union, the payment method you employ, and the country’s legislation to where you are transferring money.

Conclusion –

The Smith’s Money Center provides various financial services and is open seven days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. A Western Union money order costs between $0.69 and $2 at Smith’s, which may be cashed for $3. You may also cash certain checks, pay bills, send and receive money via Western Union bill pay, and get cash back from a payroll, benefits, or debit card. Many other grocery stores provide comparable services if you don’t live near a Smith’s.

Smith Western Union Services Money Center Hours

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