Costco Return Policy Alcohol- Know More About It

Costco is a customer-friendly store that allows a ninety-day return policy for alcohol at the stores, from where the purchase was made. It also includes modes of payment and returns which the customer can choose from at their convenience. Let us know more detail about ‘Costco Return Policy Alcohol’.

Costco Return Policy Alcohol

Costco Return Policy Alcohol

Costco’s return policies are customer friendly. They believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it be food items, electronic items, and others, they return or exchange, as per the customer’s demand. They entertain a usual ninety-day return policy, where the purchased item can be exchanged, returned, or cashed out for membership points on their store card. These items include alcohol as well. You can return alcohol that is unused easily if the purchase was made in a state which allows alcohol returning policies.

Alcohol return policies for different states

The return policies on alcohol differ from state to state, and even if the state law accepts the return of alcohol, it is understandable that the vendor is not required to accept the return of alcohol items.

Some of the states that accept alcohol returns are mentioned:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas 
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Delaware 
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana 
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts 
  • Michigan and many more

You may note that the return on the alcohol is discretionary and up to the strictness of the laws, the store from which the purchase was made and the seller of the alcohol, this condition vary from seller to seller and are subjective, they include:

  • The condition of the alcohol is being returned.
  • The reasons for which the alcohol is being returned 
  • The actions that will be taken with the returned product, if it is spoiled or damaged, or unfit for use, it cannot be resold and has to be disposed of.
  • The period since the purchase was made.

Alcohol return policy at Costco

Costco, as for its policies, has a ninety-day return policy for most of its sold products. Alcohol comes under the same umbrella purchased alcohol can be returned to the nearest store with or without a receipt. Costco accepts unused and unopened alcohol without a receipt, they can track your transaction memo from their database for you, making your exchange or return easier. 

Having a Costco membership card provides you with extra benefits though. 

You can return an opened or used bottle including consuming less than half alcohol from the bottle or packaging. This case is only taken, if you have a Costco membership card with you, and a receipt of the item to make sure the purchase was made by you. 

The return is dependent on the state policies in which the store is located, some states have a strict ban on the return of alcohol products and some stores still allow it on the returning factors which may be the condition of the alcohol packaging, period of the purchase, presence of a receipt or a membership card from Costco.

How to return alcohol at a Costco store?

Returning alcohol at the Costco store is now easier thanks to the online platform and call support services offered by the store. Before returning the alcohol or straight away marching to Costco center will not help you or may cause inconvenience if the store does not accept your return.

Instead, you can follow these steps to make sure your return is hassle-free and costs you next to nothing expenditure:

  • Go online and search for the call support contacts from Costco, The two departments which might help with your return or exchange; are and Costco membership and warehouse.
  • Ask for their policies about alcohol returning procedures it will be better if you discuss the case with them and make sure your return is 100 percent done by telling them the condition and reason for the return.
  • Once confirming over the call and assuring the return, you can choose when and how to return the alcohol
  • You can return it by physically going to the store yourself and getting in cash return or points on your membership card Costco.
  • You can book a pickup of the to-be-returned package of alcohol which is better than going to the store back, you may not face delivery charges, depending on the distance between the store and your pickup point, although in most cases, it is returned with the item refund.

Costco refund process

Costco will refund your money depending on the place you are returning the item to Costco warehouses will accept cash, Visa card, mobile payment, and many more you can always confirm the payment mode over the call support. Costco Gas Stations and accept the cards and transactions made online, whatever both parties are comfortable with.


Costco spends a good amount of effort making sure that it delivers 100 percent satisfaction to its customers. Hence, the return policies are easier for the purchasers and give them the complete freedom to choose according to their needs.

Costco Return Policy Alcohol- Know More About It

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