Metal Stud Framing Cost -Know More About It


What is the Cost of metal stud framing?  We’ve got you covered! This page will tell you all you need to know about what is a metal stud framing. Let us know about “Metal Stud Framing Cost”

Metal Stud Framing Cost

The term “structural metal stud framing” describes the use of cold-formed steel components in the building of walls and ceilings. The two main components of metal stud framing are a stud and a track. Heavier gauge metal studs are used for structural purposes, such as exterior walls, and load-bearing walls. Lighter gauge metal studs are used in non-load-bearing applications such as some interior walls, half-walls, and partitions. 

The initial cost of steel compared to wood is greater, so take that in mind when comparing the price of steel framing (add 3 per cent to the total cost of the house). Although labour expenses are often greater, steel frame material prices will be cheaper than those of wood. About $9.50 to $11 per square foot is the typical price for metal framing of a house. About 30% of this, or $3 per square foot, is typically allocated to supplies. With an average square footage of 2500 feet for two stories, the cost of the steel frame for the home would be between $24,000 and $25,000.

Screw pops and drywall cracks caused by wood movement are eliminated since metal studs don’t split or warp. Costs of maintenance are reduced as a result. You may avoid thousands of dollars in maintenance costs by building with a steel frame since wood rot, insect damage, and mould cannot grow there. Because there won’t be any flammability, insurance prices will go down, and there won’t be as much debris to cart off, which will cut down on hauling expenses.

Advantages Of Metal Framing

Building with steel has several marketing benefits in addition to the cost-saving benefits of metal stud framing. Steel is a “green” material since it can be recycled to a minimum of 25% and the waste is 100% recyclable. Due to its inorganic nature and lack of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which wood emits, steel also helps to improve air quality. Additionally, metal stud framing is significantly safer in regions subject to strong winds and seismic activity.

Cutting Metal Frames: A Guide

The majority of home improvement stores provide circular and chop saw blades made specifically for cutting studs, but our professionals prefer a cleaner, more quiet method. Cut the material on both sides with scissors, then score the back. You may obtain a cut that is free of burrs by repeatedly bending the stud back and forth. There is no requirement for hearing protection, and your boots won’t be covered in metal shavings.

A Few Shops That Specialise In Metal Stud Framing

US Frame Factory

US Frame Factory offers rapid steel construction framing for projects both large and small, both residential and commercial. We can manufacture custom metal studs or whole frame kits with 50% less labour and 15% less wasted steel. It almost cost $566.79 including  $49.31 tax.


The steel used in SCAFCO’s steel framing products has received premier mill certification. The company’s goods are superior to industry norms in terms of quality and durability. It cost around $658.

Frametek Steel

Harbor Pipe and Steel, the biggest privately-owned steel servicing facility on the west coast, includes Frametek Steel in its business. The business creates accessories and steel channel items for framing both indoor and external spaces. The PrimeStud drywall framing system is manufactured by Frametek, an authorised producer of EQ studs. Its price varies between $523 to $823.

Is Metal Framing The Best Option For You?

In comparison to wood framing, metal framing has several benefits. According to studies, a steel-framed building is more resilient to natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, and high winds. Steel is also non-flammable, therefore there is less possibility of the building being destroyed in the case of a fire. Metal studs are also constructed entirely of recyclable materials, with at least 25% of their composition coming from recycled sources. Because every stud, no matter how little, may be used, there is also far less waste generated. A metal frame system is also considerably simpler to build than a wood one.


Anywhere between $19,000 and $25,000 is needed to install metal studs in a typical 2,000-square-foot commercial building. The cost of materials fluctuates over time as a result of changes in steel prices, which is the major cause of this. The labour expenses, which range from $5 to $10 per square foot, are mostly unaffected by changes in the steel market. Your frame budget is mostly affected by three factors: the project’s location, the design’s level of intricacy, and the erratic price of steel. The recycled steel content of all metal studs varies. 


What do you mean by stud?

It is a vertical framing element that is used to construct a wall or partition. Studs, which are also known as wall studs and are composed of wood, are an essential part of frame building. 

What is steel stud and wood stud?

Steel stud: – It concerns the use of cold-formed steel components in the building of walls and planes. Lighter gauge metal studs are used in non-load bearing applications including interior walls, half-walls, and partitions.

Wood stud: – These studs, which are planks, act as framing elements and support the walls of your home. They are spaced every 16 or 24 inches along the wall between the floor and the ceiling. Drywall is used to conceal the studs’ edges.

Metal Stud Framing Cost -Know More About It

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