Does Shopify Accept Bitcoin?- Know More About It Pay’s connection with Shopify allows retailers to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option. Shopify has been discreetly integrating cryptocurrency-related functionality into its platform. Let’s learn about ‘Does Shopify Accept Bitcoin?’.

Does Shopify Accept Bitcoin?

Does Shopify Accept Bitcoin?

Shopify Expands Crypto Payment Options With Pact: Shopify, an e-commerce firm established in Ottawa, has been discreetly adding crypto-related functionality to its platform. The agreement is just the latest example of shops being able to take cryptocurrency. Shopify’s other cryptocurrency connections include Coinbase Commerce and BitPay, in addition to its latest integration with Pay. Shopify merchants can now accept cryptocurrencies instantly and with no transaction fees thanks to Pay. This solution, according to the business, is an off-chain service that is real-time and available to all customers, not only Shopify retailers.

How to Use Shopify to Accept Bitcoin?

1) Create a Payment URL:

Click on the Payment Button/URL tab on any site, pick Products, and fill in your information, including the Product name and description, as well as any information you require from your consumers. It’s critical to offer instructions and a custom field where clients may enter their Order Numbers. This is crucial for the processing of your order. You must understand who is paying! Also, make sure Donation Mode is selected since this will allow your clients to enter the amount they need to pay. When you’re done, click the create URL button!

2) On Shopify, enable manual payment:

You’ll need to set up your Shopify settings after you’ve generated the URL. Go to settings and payment settings on your admin page first. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a link to make a manual payment. Create a manual payment option that you may title Bitcoin or Pay with Bitcoin. Include directions for consumers to pay on the following screen, as well as a note of the order number and the amount they must pay!

3) In the Checkout screen, paste the HTML code:

Following that, go to Checkout Settings and scroll down to Additional Scripts. Then go to this site and copy the HTML code, substituting your Blockonomics Bitcoin Payment URL for the URL. That concludes our discussion. You’ve just enabled Bitcoin payments on your Shopify eCommerce site! It’s that simple; in just three steps, you’ll be able to receive Bitcoin payments directly to your wallet. Best of luck, and good luck selling!

Examples of cryptocurrency-accepting Shopify sites:

Let’s have a look at how these Shopify shops provide a unique shopping experience by accepting cryptocurrency payments.


This Shopify store’s ultimate mission is to encourage the crypto lifestyle by providing unique bitcoins and altcoin merchandise. Blockchains Stuff has a great assortment of Bitcoin products for crypto aficionados.

Customers may purchase a variety of things from Blockchains Stuff, as well as use other payment methods that take cryptocurrencies.

Gaming in the Roman Empire:

Roman Gaming is a Shopify store owned by Roman’s father and his six-year-old son. They provide fantastic gaming accessories such as LED headphones, keyboard and mouse combos, seats, monitor holders, and more. Although this company does not sell cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins, Cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are all accepted.

Crypto Music Festival :

At the Crypto Music Festival, you may buy clothing and trendy accessories to add swag to your personality. Shoppers will discover fashionable, glistening products that will help them stand out at concerts and gatherings.

This is the place to go if you’re searching for swaggy stuff for your next music festival!

Cryptocurrency discussion thread:

Crypto Thread is a shop that sells fantastic Bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchandise. The bitcoin product collections may be simply browsed by coin or product category. is created by two Web developers that are passionate about cryptocurrencies and aim to produce the widest selection of crypto apparel available on the Internet.

This Shopify business offers cryptocurrency T-shirts to encourage the digital revolution.


Yes, Shopify accepts bitcoin. The above information walks you through the entire thing.


1) When did Shopify start taking Bitcoin payments?

Ans: In 2013, Shopify made a Bitcoin payment option available to online merchants for the first time. It was a watershed moment in both the history of eCommerce and the history of Bitcoin. Shopify expanded its reach and was the first to accept Bitcoin payments.

2) What is the best way to use cryptocurrency on Shopify?

Ans: To take cryptocurrencies, go to the Payments tab in the Settings area of your Shopify admin and allow one or more of the following new payment methods:

  •  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin are among the more than 20 cryptocurrencies accepted by
  •  Strike takes Bitcoin Lightning with a USD settlement.

Although most big online merchants do not accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, there is a way to buy things from them using cryptocurrency: Gift cards may be used to purchase using Bitcoin. Gift card purchases account for a large share of Bitcoin transactions.

Does Shopify Accept Bitcoin?- Know More About It

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