When You Rent a Movie On Amazon Prime?


The names of movies or TV shows that are specified on the Prime Video can be rented or purchased. You can rent movie through the website of Amazon or the app of Prime Video on any device like a TV or Mobile phone.Let us know about When You Rent a Movie On Amazon Prime,How Long Does It Last?

When You Rent a Movie On Amazon Prime?
  • Firstly, one has to search the list on the website of Amazon, or on the Prime Video App to find out the particular title. Those titles that will need additional charges are marked with yellow signs.
  • The availability of the titles can be seen on the page of the App.
  • After purchasing a particular title it will be included in the MY STUFF option. They will also be available for downloading or telecasting. The rented titles will stay over the My Stuff section for a limited period. 
  • Rented titles stay in the library for 30 days. But the customer has only 48 hours to watch that particular title. It may be different for some other titles. They may have a viewing period longer than others.
  • There are many other options available over the App. Purchasing different titles on different options can provide different streaming qualities.
  • If someone is facing any restrictions regarding purchases, they can enter their respective pins to complete their order. 

Rules of using amazon prime video:

According to the Terms of the usage of Amazon Prime Video, restrictions are applied on the platform by the providers of the content. For the Videos that are available on the platform, their duration of viewing is restricted. These restrictions are based on the different conditions through which the videos are purchased, such as rental, subscription by paying, or trial for promotion or for free. The restrictions can be altered with time, because of the addition of new devices, content, or features. Amazon Prime video can be downloaded through various devices like TVs connected through the internet, set-top boxes, web browsers, or any other devices.

 Rental videos:

# How to watch: When a video is rented, it will be made available to download according to the rules:

  1. Firstly one must check the list of devices available on the website page. After that, one can stream their videos by using the following links such as Primevideo.com, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk ETC. The availability and compatibility of devices depend on the location. In one location, one may download three videos at a time, it may not work in another location
  2. After getting the availability of the “download” option, one can download the videos temporarily, that one is renting through the devices. To get the list of availability of download devices,one must visit the title page of Amazon Prime. By using the same Amazon account ,one may not be able to watch that particular video on other devices, after downloading it for once. The downloaded video can be watched on a single device, but the videos can be watched through streaming on other devices. 
  3. The rule is to finish watching the rental videos within 48 hours of the commencement of that particular video. It is valid for 30 days, from the payment of rented videos. About the length or any other queries, one can visit the “Learn more” section where the necessary information regarding rental videos is provided.


Amazon Prime is known to be the most popular movie streaming platform. Its contents are always very engaging and entertaining. But at the same time, it can create an addiction too. So by renting a video, one can avoid such kind of addiction.

When You Rent a Movie On Amazon Prime?

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