Kohl’s Gift Card For Cash

Kohl’s gift card is the perfect gift for every special occasion in the United States that is redeemable. The card makes shopping easy and comfortable as it is easy to purchase both online and in stores as well. At present, it is operating in more than 1600 locations in the United States and is operational in 49 countries. Let’s learn about ‘Kohl’s Gift Card For Cash’.

Kohls Gift Card For Cash

How can I exchange Kohl’s gift card for cash?

The customers can exchange the Kohl’s gift card for cash through the following steps.

  • Sell the Kohl’s Gift card through the website
  • Use an app to sell your gift card
  • List your gift card on e-commerce platforms
  • Customers can sell the gift card to a friend.

Why I cannot exchange Kohl’s gift card for cash?

Once the customers purchase the Kohl’s gift card you cannot exchange it for cash because the Kohl’s company does not allow the customers to exchange it.

However, customers can turn it into cash once their account balances match another account balance.

What are some other gift cards that can be exchanged for cash?

The other gift cards that can be exchanged for cash are

  • Go to the Gift Card Exchange kiosk to exchange your card for cash
  • Use a Coinstar Exchange kiosk and if you accept the offer you can redeem this offer into cash.
  • Exchange the gift card to a store you like and turn it into cash.

Can I trade Kohl’s gift card with other gift cards? 

Yes! Customers can exchange kohl’s gift cards if the following criteria are met.

  • Check the remaining balance in your account.
  • You can also sell out the used gift card to someone you know.
  • You can also give the card to someone in your area

Customers can also trade the used gift card with someone online. However, the remaining balance of the card should match the other card balance.

What are the procedures for getting Kohl’s gift card?

 To open Kohl’s gift card is simple, here are a few steps on how to open Kohl’s gift card.

  • Enter your details like name, email, contact, and home address.
  • Verify yourself by entering your social security card, date of birth, and annual income.
  • Go to the Department store and show your card at the time of purchase
  • To purchase online, go to Kohl’s website at Kohls.com and place your order.

What are the different options to check your Kohl’s Gift Card Balance?

There are 4 options, customers can check the Kohl’s gift card balance depending on the service they purchased.

  • Purchasing online.
  • Purchased it from the phone call.
  • Purchased it in person.
  • Purchased from the Kohl’s app.

How to check the Kohl’s gift card balance online, by phone, in person, and through Kohl’s app?


  • Visit the Kohl’s website i.e, Kohls.com
  • Check the gift card balance and open it.
  • Enter the gift card number
  • Enter your pin
  • Enter the Captcha.
  • Check the balance.


  • Call the company number
  • Follow the automatic instructions
  • Provide the gift card number and pin


  • Find the stores in your area
  • Visit the stores
  • Tell the store employee’s that you want to check the gift card balance
  • Submit the details ask from the employees

Kohl’s app

  • Download the Kohls app.
  • Check your profile and enter the card details.
  • Go to the remaining balance page.
  • Things to know before you purchased the Kohl’s Gift card.
  • Customers cannot exchange lost or damaged gift cards without proof of evidence.
  • Once purchase the gift card, you cannot exchange it for another gift card.
  • Customers cannot buy a gift card through discounts or coupons.
  • Kohl’s gift card cannot be returned after purchase.

Can I make payments through Kohl’s gift card?

No! You cannot make payment using Kohl’s gift card because, in Kohl’s stores, payments can be accepted only through a check, cash, debit card, and money order.

Is there a discount on using Kohl’s Gift Card?

Yes! Customers can avail of a discount of up to 30%, 20%, or 15% while purchasing from Kohl’s website. To avail of this discount there are two methods to follow:-

  • Go to Kohls.com and apply the savings to your wallet.
  • Use the promo code and can avail the customers.


Thus in the United States, Kohl’s Gift Card is a customer’s user’s friendly card that provides service without charging any fees from their customers online and in stores as well. The stores have provided a very comfortable free service and a lifetime excess for cardholders as there is no expiration date. At present, it has expanded its services to more than 1000 stores worldwide and in the United States as well because of its affordability and transparent services which have to make the customers a satisfactory gift cards for all their users.


1. What is the expiration date for Kohl’s gift card?

Ans: Kohl’s gift card cannot be expired.

2. Can I use the gift card to purchase other gift cards?

Ans: No! You cannot purchase other gift cards using the Kohl’s gift card.

3. Can I use Kohl’s gift card outside the United States?

Ans: Yes! Kohl’s gift card can be used worldwide.

Kohl’s Gift Card For Cash

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