Serena And Lily Dupes -Know More About It

Serena and Lily offer designer furniture, luxurious house accessories, room-specific decors and accents, and other interior decoration items. Their interior designs and products are fresh and timeless in nature, emitting a luxurious yet homely feel. They’re one of the most popular luxury home designers and furniture stores across the country, but their price tags can’t be afforded by many. Let us know about “Serena And Lily Dupes”

Serena And Lily Dupes

There are plenty of Serena and Lily dupes in the market as more people are lining up to buy their products without the huge price tag. From art pieces to lightning décor to bath organizations, Serena and Lily offer everything to enhance a home. 

There are numerous Serena and Lily dupes available on the market for people who want to buy the coastal, boho aura the brand’s products have, without spending $150 on a pillow. Amazon is the best place to find basic Serena and Lily dupes. You can also find home décor and outdoor furniture dupes in Target, The Home Depot, Ashley Furniture, Walmart, World Market, and Overstock. 

Serena And Lily Mirror Dupes

Serena and Lily have some of the most gorgeous mirrors designed to fit the customer’s interior needs. There are floor and wall mirrors available in various sizes and shapes. These mirrors can cost from $400 to $2,500 each. If you don’t have the money to splurge on mirror decorations, you can opt for similar ones that you can find with a much cheaper price tag. 

  • Montara mirror by Serena and Lily is one of their sleek, coastal style decors that come in small, medium, and large sizes. The frame is made out of rattan and it’s available in white, navy, and natural colors. A medium-sized mirror will cost $648 a piece, in contrast to that you could get a similar dupe for $60 on Amazon. It’s called the Stonebriar round mirror with a rope frame.
  • A medium-sized round wave mirror by Serena and Lily costs around $1,498. This bright gilded-edged mirror is one of their most attractive pieces with a big price tag. In contrast to that, you can get a similar piece for $250 on Amazon. It’s called the round vanity gold wavy edge mirror by Noble Park Store.
  • An arch style Nautical rope mirror by Serena and Lily costs around $800 and it’s available in a round shape as well. Instead of splurging on that, you can save money by purchasing a similar round one at Wayfair for $115. This is Wayfair’s ‘Wilkens Hanging Wrapped Coastal Accent Mirror’ and this wall mounted mirror offers a similar look with its wood and rope framing. 

While the quality of the dupes defers in comparison to the original, they offer the same chic and fresh aesthetic of Serena and Lily. 

Serena And Lily Patio Furniture Dupes

One of the most popular products whose dupes people search for is Serena and Lily’s patio sets. Although pleasing to the eyes with their beautiful driftwood swivel chairs and Victorian tete-a-tete, they can cost up to $3,500 and more. There are plenty of dupes available on the market that can save you up to $1,000 and more. 

  • Serena and Lily’s ‘Salt Creek’ patio set is one of their most popular pieces. The entire boho themed set with the lounge chairs, sofa, dining chair, and chaise will cost more than $7,000. In comparison to that, you can save more than $6,000 by purchasing a similar outdoor stationary wicker set which costs around $766. This is a four-piece off-white set sold by Walmart’s ‘Better Homes & Gardens Lilah’.
  • Serena and Lily’s ‘Cliffside’ patio set is another one of their beautiful pieces for which you can find some incredible dupes. In this patio set, you’ll find a teak sofa, a teak lounging chair, and a teak sectional. This total can cost a whopping $14,000 and more, depending on delivery charges as well. In comparison to that, you can spend around $1,300 for a similar sectional piece from Wayfair which is their Apolito six-piece seating group with cushions. 

There are other plenty of patio set dupes available at Walmart and Wayfair which may not offer the same quality products that Serena and Lily’s high-end patio furniture does, but they reflect the same aesthetic. 


Serena and Lily have an incredible and beautiful collection of furniture and décor items, but they’re often accompanied by a huge price tag. While it’s alright to splurge on incredible furniture now and then, it can get pricey to design a whole house in that manner. Bathroom amenities, pillows, mirrors, baskets, outdoor dining and chairs, living room accents, and many other items can be purchased with a much smaller price tag after looking through the various similar options available at Amazon and Walmart. Amazon, mainly, is one of the best places where you will find most of the furniture and decoration dupes.

Serena And Lily Dupes -Know More About It

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