Spectrum Error Code – Know More

An error code is used to determine the type of error one may encounter while using a program or system. Spectrum error codes in the same way are codes you get to determine specific problems while using a spectrum service. With the numerous services offered by Spectrum, the last thing you would want is a connection problem stopping you from enjoying them. From this article, you will come to understand error codes, their meaning, how they are rectified, and how to reset the receiver when you encounter a connection problem. Let us know about ‘Spectrum Error Code’.

Spectrum Error Code

From the understanding of Spectrum error codes, we can say Spectrum error code 4005 is one of the codes you receive on the Spectrum service. It means that the channel or programming is unavailable at that moment. This is the last obstruction you want to have when you are clung to your screen, watching.

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List of Spectrum Error Codes

Spectrum as a brand provides different services. These different spectrum services are five in number and have error codes peculiar to them. These services, their error codes, and their meanings are listed below:

1. SpectrumTV.com

S/NError Code NameMeaning
1.WLC-1006Means that it knows when you are not at home
2.WLI-1010When you cannot sign in
3.WLI-1027Denied auto pass/access
4.WLI-9000Unable to complete what you asked for
5.WLP-999Unable to complete what you asked for
6.WLP-1035 The service is not available
7.WLP-1005Controls for parents are not available
8.WUC-1002Service is not available for a short period
9.WVP-999 Cannot complete the request
10.WVP-3305Video is not available at the moment

2. SpectrumTV app for IOS

S/NError Code NameMeaning
1.IVS-1001Channel is currently not available
2.IUC-9000Service is not available for a short period
3.IFE-1004Examine connection
4.ILP-9000Channel is not available
5.IGE-9000The error is grouped/generic
6.ILI-1127Denied auto pass
7.ILI-9000Not able to complete what you asked for
8.ILD-999Unable to complete the request
9.ILI-1010Cannot sign in
10.IVS-1003Failure in-stream service

3. SpectrumTV app for Android

S/NError Code NameMeaning
1.DGE-1001Service is not available for a short period
2.DPE-1004Examine connection
3.DVS-1004 Cannot complete what you asked for
4.DVS-1001 Channel is not available currently
5.DLP-999Cannot complete what you asked for
6.DLC-1001 Behind new/modern service error
7.DLI-1010Cannot sign in
8.DCM-1000 Failure in tuning STB
9.DVP-999Cannot complete what you asked for
10.DCM-1602Cannot play

4. SpectrumTV channel for Roku

S/NError Code NamesMeaning
1.RGE-1001The service is not available currently
2.RGU-1007Information is not available
3.1025Update is required
4.RLP-1035 The program is not available
5.RCH-1000 The service is not available
6.RLP-999Cannot complete what you asked for
7.RLP-1001 Cannot play
8.RLP-1006Cannot play
9.RLI-1017 Poor device signal
10.RLI-1027 Auto access is denied

5. SpectrumTV app for Samsung Smart TV

S/NError Code NamesMeaning
1.SLP-1035 Program is not available
2.SLP-999Cannot complete the request
3.SUC-1002 Service is not available for a short period
4.SLP-1999Cannot complete the request
5.SLC-1001 Cannot complete the request
6.SVP-1108Cannot play
7.SLP-1002Channel is currently not available
8.SLP-1003Examine connection
9.SUC-1107 Improve/upgrade to watch Life TV
10.SCH-1002Cannot complete request

How To Rectify Code?

  1. Ensure that the cable is connected. 
  2. If you have an ongoing payment/subscription, check it.
  3. Restart your spectrum Wi-Fi router and modem.
  4. The tool you use also matters.
  5. Go to the output settings.
  6. Course the connections.
  7. Connection configuration.

How to Reset the Receiver When Spectrum Internet is Not Working?

When your Spectrum internet service receiver is not functioning properly, you would want to first restart it before doing any other thing. However, if the Wi-Fi is on, the signal is strong, and you are close to your device, then the issue might not be with your device. It most likely is a problem that you cannot fix on your own. Spectrum works in a lot of places with strong and heavy winds and sometimes goes off for other reasons like construction close by. Try to visit the Spectrum Storm Center if this is the situation to find out if there is an outage problem in your vicinity.

What Makes Spectrum On-demand Stop Working?

See if the content is still available. There are cases where the service may not be good, this is usually because what you are inquiring about is not accessible at that time or has expired.

How to Reset the Spectrum Cable Box?

To fix an issue with your Spectrum cable box, you will need to unplug it and wait for about 60 seconds before plugging it back.

How Do I Fix My SpectrumTV?

To fix this issue, you need to double-check your connection on the cable to be sure it is connected, if it’s still not working, then reboot your cable box. If it still doesn’t work, then you might need to update or redownload the SpectrumTV app.


There are many Error code other than 4005 that you can see when in use of Spectrum services. But every error can be rectified by resetting the methods listed in this article, then you can continue to enjoy numerous video contents from Spectrum either on cable or a mobile phone. You can also reach out to Spectrum when no resetting method works for you. They are very known to do all things to make sure your issue is rectified and solved.

Spectrum Error Code – Know More

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