Track A Package Without the Tracking Number

The ability to track a package after purchase from an online retail store is one of the best ways by which USPS has made things easier for people. It can, however, be difficult to track an order, if for some reason you do not own the tracking number for the package. The tracking number is usually printed on the label of the package but in cases where there is no tracking number/I. D, there are other ways by which you can track a package.

Track A Package Without the Tracking Number

Yes. It is very possible to track a package that does not have a tracking number. USPS has provided a very easy and accessible way to track a package without a tracking ID. This is done by creating a USPS Informal Delivery account. While creating an account, make sure you register with the address you want your package to be delivered to. After registration, any information about packages that are sent from and to the address you’ve provided will populate and with this, you can track your order.

What USPS Service Can be Tracked?

USPS have various services provided to consumers to make shipping easier. Some USPS services that have tracking functionality include Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First Class Mail and First-Class Package. Packages sent with these services can be tracked with a tracking number at no extra cost. The tracking number is usually contained in the confirmation email that was sent from USPS or it can be found on the USPS purchase receipt. Although not all USPS mails are accompanied by a tracking number, you can add this feature to your package for an additional cost. If there is no tracking number linked to your package, you could still use the USPS Informal Delivery service.

USPS Informal Delivery

This is a service provided by USPS to afford customers more authority and overview over their packages. It gives you more autonomy over shipping and receiving your packages. This service is optional and costs nothing and it can be found on the USPS website. The USPS Informal Delivery Service also has other services such as the mail preview with which you can preview certain mail such as postcards and letters. However, to use the Informal Delivery service, you must be resident within a zip code that has been deemed eligible, verify your identity when signing up and possess a mailbox that’s uniquely coded.

How Can I Track A Package With the USPS Informal Delivery Service?

  1. Firstly, you have to register for the service on the USPS website. Ensure that you register with the address that is associated with the package you intend to track. This is the only way the package will populate to be tracked and the address matches. 
  2. After registration and signing in, you can click on the “Track and Manage” button and then navigate to the “My USPS”. This page will serve as your dashboard from whence you can track packages that may have been sent or received within two weeks. These are the packages that are however only associated with the address used for registration. You can also click on a particular package from a list of packages on the page to view information such as its tracking course.

How Do I track a Package Without Using the Informal Delivery Service?

Although, the Informal Delivery service is the most convenient way to track an order or package, when there is no tracking number, there are other available options, though not all of these options might yield the expected results. 

  • You might want to contact the online merchant from the store where you ordered your package. They might be able to provide you with some tracking information.
  • If your package was not sent via a service that provides tracking numbers to packages, you should contact the service to provide you with enough information with which you can then reach out to USPS and check if your package I currently in transit.
  • If you are trying to track a package that you sent out yourself or you are receiving from a place or someone who you cannot interact with to get any information that might be used to track the package, you can always go to your local post office to ask for details that might assist you in tracking your package.


USPS tracking is a very popular means of tracking due to its letting you know the exact location your item might be at. The website gives information that can be used to pinpoint not just where the package has gone through but also where it is currently at. Tracking information on the USPS website is updated after every 24 hours. But for those with items which do not have tracking numbers, there are other ways to track such packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all USPS packages trackable? Yes. Free tracking is included in all the services offered by the USPS and all packages sent via USPS are usually assigned a unique tracking I.D. this I.D is printed on the label of the package.
  2.  Can USPS see how many times my package has been tracked? Each package sent through USPS is scanned up to 12 times on its way to its final destination. When you use USPS, you can view the entire journey of the package, from the time it leaves to the time it gets to its destination.
  3. What does it mean when an item says “Delivered to the agent for final delivery”? This means that your item has been transferred from your mail carrier to someone else. This might be another person residing at your apartment or maybe even a colleague at work. These persons are then given the task to complete the transaction. The designation of an “agent” is anyone who indicates the willingness to accept or deliver a package at your behest.
  4. Can I track Priority Mail? Priority mails have USPS codes which you can still use in finding a package wherever they might be.
Track A Package Without the Tracking Number

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