Best Free Roku Channels- Know More

Roku is an American-made and indispensable and consumer-favorite television service provider that also provides the contemporary hardware required for streaming millions of flicks and shows directly to your televisions equipped with the Roku boxes. In this article we shall see about Best Free Roku Channels

The list of channels available to stream on Roku and the movies/shows accessible via them are never-ending as more and more names keep getting appended at the end of it. While most services become accessible only after paying a minimum subscription fee, some channels are available free of cost as well. Here, we will be discussing some of the top-rated channels of Roku that are accessible on your Roku device without any subscription fee. 

Best Free Roku Channels

In this article, you will find the answer to the following questions;

  1. What are some of the best free Roku channels?
  2. How can you add these free channels to your Roku device?

What are some of the best free Roku channels?


This free channel provides high-quality and well-curated content that stands true to the principle of enriching the minds of all viewers. This channel specializes in hosting Technology, Entertainment, and Design related content( Hence, the name T.E.D.) 

This channel can be added to the watching list and does not cost. A single penny in the form of a subscription fee.


Vevo is a name that comes up as soon as one mentions high-quality music videos from top-rated stars of the industry, be it any niche; rap, pop, rock, etc. You name it, Vevo has it all.

You can enjoy the latest music videos from the best in the business on this channel.

This channel also comes free of cost on all Roku-enabled devices.


Any list of entertainment channels on any platform whatsoever is incomplete without Hulu. It is one of the best channels to stream old and new TV shows on demand. What’s better is that it is free on Roku?  With millions of daily watchers across America, this channel carries almost every single American TV show ever aired. You can watch a show of your choice with your Roku device.

This channel is a free service on all Roku devices.


The epitome of free video entertainment giants comes as an unpaid service for all Roku users. On this channel, you will find millions of videos on an equal number of niches posted by an equal number of content creators from across the world. Whether it be DIY videos, music, How-To instructions, or the latest tech reviews and even news, YouTube has it all.

Pluto TV

You can think of Pluto TV as a free cable television channel. Pluto TV hosts several cable television channels free of cost for all Roku users. You can easily browse the entire list of channels supported by Pluto TV on its channel grid and enjoy free television entertainment. 

These are the top 5 channels that you can watch on Roku without any subscription free. Keep reading to find out how you can add these channels to your library and enjoy them for free.

How can you add these free channels to your Roku device?

Follow the given steps to add any channel to your Roku device. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open your Roku-enabled device

You will see the home feed on the right and the main menu buttons on the left of your screen.

  1. Select Streaming Channels

On the left-hand side, use the navigation buttons to find and select the Streaming Channels section in the main menu. Here, you can find and add new channels easily.

  1. Select Search Channels

Click on Search Channels and use keywords to search for whatever channel you are looking for. Here, search for any of the above-mentioned services. Just tap on any one of the free channels mentioned above (viz. Pluto TV, YouTube, Hulu, Vevo, TED)

And you’re done. Just like that. 

Add the channel and follow the prompts to install the application. Now you can enjoy these free channels without any subscription fee directly on your device.


Here, we discussed the Roku streaming service that brings 500,000+ entertainment content directly at our fingertips. We discussed the top 5 channels that are accessible for free on Roku devices and do not cost any kind of subscription fee. We also discussed the method by which you can find and add any free it d channel to your streaming list on your Roku device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. Does Netflix on Roku?

Roku was developed as a spin-off of Netflix to avoid legal clashes. Netflix owns the Roku streaming service and hardware provider.

  1. What is a Roku device?

A Roku streaming device is sort of an internet modem that enables your television to access and stream 500,000+ entertainment content. Roku devices are connected to televisions. They come in multiple shapes and sizes for every room’s specifications.

  1. Does Roku work without an internet connection?

No, Roku needs a wireless or a wired Internet connection to stream content on your device. 

Best Free Roku Channels- Know More

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