La Gorce Country Club cost- Know More

Many people in the country enjoy golf. Now imagine a Country Club with a flourishing golf course, lavish homes, and a beautiful sea-facing view. In this article we shall learn about La Gorce Country Club cost.

La Gorce Country Club is one of the most coveted golf courses in the country. It also has housing facilities that are just as luxurious. Who doesn’t enjoy being a part of something that prestigious? This article will give a brief description of the Club and how one can get it. It will also mention the costs if one does and the perks that come along with it. 

La Gorce Country Club cost

How does one get an entry at La Gorce Country Club?

Located in Miami, Florida, La Gorce is one of the most sought-after clubs in the city. Entry to the Private Club is exclusive. Only those invited by someone who is already a member can get in. 

La Gorce Golf Course Costs

Golf season lasts all year at La Gorce. The article mentions the golf course fees simply because it is open to everyone with an invitation. This entails that a non-member with an invitation has access to the golf course. These people are called ‘Guests.’

There is a prerequisite attire one needs to don to be permitted to enter. The clothes need to be conservative. One is restricted to wearing t-shirts, tank tops, jerseys, graphic tees, and denim. This point is noteworthy because even if you can pay the fee, you are allowed to enter the premises unless you’re dressed appropriately.

Depending on how busy the golf course is, the prices range between $250 to $300. There isn’t much variation in these based on the day. Irrespective of whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, the main determiner of the costs is the availability.

Full Golf Members do not need to pay the membership fees.

La Gorce Membership costs

Please note that one is eligible for a membership only if someone who is already a member recommends them. It is impossible without the recommendation. 

There are 4 main types of memberships. The priciest one offering the most benefits is called the Full Golf membership. Other types include social membership, family membership, and single membership. The costs differ depending on the kind of membership one owns. 

The initiation fees start from $80,000. This allows the member to be a founder by providing equity in the Club. The monthly fees vary between $1000 to $2000 per month. Most membership bonuses extend to the member’s family and/or partners. 

One can negotiate the prices if they wish. If you are important enough, you just might be able to earn yourself a discount.

The official La Gorce website doesn’t provide much information about the rest of the memberships. However, the prices won’t be less than $1000 a month. 

La Gorce Country Club Member Perks

If one does end up becoming a member, these are the privileges that come with it:

  • Golf course access: The Full Golf membership entails that one can access the golf course any time they want without paying an additional fee. Members are given priority if the course were to be overbooked.

Golf privileges also include a professional teaching staff and practice space for people who know little about the sport. 

Tournaments are held for the expert players.

  • Social recreations: There are tons of social activities organized and hosted by the club. Activities like wine tasting, boating, fishing book club, etc. culminate in a thriving social experience.
  • Health and wellness: The membership permits one to use the gym facilities. This includes cardio, yoga, pilates, water aerobics, and physical therapy to name a few. One can also communicate with highly qualified physical trainers. One also enjoys spa and massage room facilities.
  • Wining and Dining: Members have the pleasure of eating from award-winning chefs at the La Gorce Country Club. The servers are professional and the food is scrumptious. The liqueur selection is also great. 

Members are allowed to invite guests to the restaurant. Dining is open all day and the restaurant is known to be kid-friendly.

  • Swimming pool: Members can access the club pool. The Club has provided locker rooms with amenities like soaps and towels free for members.
  • Tennis: Members can access all 7 of the tennis courts at the Club. Similar to golf, professional trainers are present at the location.  

Members can also participate in tennis leagues and tournaments. Both singles and doubles matches take place here.


The exclusivity of the club makes it seem desirable. If you are someone who can afford an $80,000 initiation fee, then yes, it is totally worth it.

However, if you are one of the many who cannot, it is totally alright. Sure you miss out on calling yourself a La Gorce Country Club member but that’s about it. All the privileges and perks members enjoy can be found at other golf courses at comparatively affordable rates.

To conclude

hopefully, this article helped quench your thirst about the La Gorce Country Club costs. 

La Gorce Country Club cost- Know More

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