Does GrubHub Hire Felons?-Know More

Grubhub Inc. is a prepared food ordering and delivery network that connects diners with local restaurants via the internet and mobile devices. It is owned by the Dutch business Just Eat Takeaway. The business was founded in 2004 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Here we will see about Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

Typically, GrubHub does not hire felons or those who have been convicted of any crime, including traffic offenses.

It is a large corporation, and employing felons might harm the company’s goodwill and reputation.

This is to protect the company’s reputation and ensure the safety of all customers 

While it may not be fair to hold someone accountable for a mistake they did years ago, felons have a high rate of re-offending, and Grubhub considers them a threat to their consumers and will not take the risk.

Following the applicant’s background check and legal standards, they do make a few exceptions.

Despite a felony charge, how can you get a job with Grubhub?

If you still want to work at Grubhub despite your felony conviction, you should look into ways to pass the background check and maybe get your felony charges expunged. Most criminal background checks only look into arrests that occurred between seven and ten years ago.

Your arrests may not display on your background check if they occurred lately

If you were previously arrested for a crime, your arrests may not show up on your background check, and you will not be held back on that account.

However, because federal law specifies that conviction records have no limits, this is not a viable approach if you spent time in prison after a conviction.

A better option is to hire a lawyer to get the offense removed from your record

This means that any background check (including third-party background checks) will be unable to include the conviction in their reports.

This is significant because, while minor and felony criminal charges will often display on any future background check, you can expunge them and restart your life. If this is something you want to look into, look for legal help in your region.

Various states have their requirements

Different states have different requirements for expunging a felony conviction from a person’s record, but the amount of time since the conviction, the education and rehabilitation courses the person has completed since the conviction, and how the person has reformed since their jail time are all important factors.

When you apply to Grubhub, you will be asked to fill out a form for a background check, which will reveal any prior convictions.

Although Grubhub does not provide the specifics of its background check, it operates as follows:
  • A driving and criminal background check is required for all applicants.
  • Each applicant must be 19 years old or older (or 21 years old in Chicago)
  • A minimum of two years of driving experience is required.
  • All applicants must have an iPhone running iOS 10 or a smartphone running Android 4.0 or above.
  • A valid driver’s license and car insurance are required for all drivers.
  • All riders must have a valid state ID and a checking account to receive direct deposits.

The criminal history check

Checkr, a third-party company that works with a variety of gig economy companies such as Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash, does the background check.

If you do not pass the background check while applying for a job with Grubhub, you will most likely be unable to work for any of Checkr’s other clients.

Checkr’s screening procedure is swift and effective, and applicants may expect a response within a few days after applying, with numerous Grubhub employees online claiming that their check arrived through email in just two days.

What are the legal requirements for doing a criminal background check?

  • It’s crucial to remember that a firm can only look into your criminal history if you grant them explicit consent after they’ve asked you directly and repeatedly.
  • If you are unable to find work because of a criminal background check, it is also a legal need for the employer that has rejected you to explain why they believe your criminal record is unsuitable for the position.
  • If you suspect there was an error on your check or that the company performing the check did not do so legally, get legal advice and try to resolve the situation.

Following the background check

For a criminal background check to perform for Grubhub, Checkr will run checks on criminal history related to traffic infractions, felony charges, and any sexual or violent offenses, among other things.

According to Grubhub, those with felony DUI convictions will not be considered for employment, nor will those who are potentially dangerous to the customers to whom they would be delivering.

If you have any of these types of offenses on your criminal record, you should clear them up before applying.

If you have limits on your license, it may be difficult to obtain work

Grubhub may not want to hire you if you are only legally authorized to drive during certain hours of the day or are prohibited from accessing specific areas.

If you have criminal charges that prevent you from traveling within a specific distance of schools, for example, you should look into ways to demonstrate that you have changed and no longer require this limitation.


It’s worth noting that Grubhub automatically disqualifies anyone they believe are dangerous criminals with a long criminal history.

This does not mean that if you have a criminal past, you will not be considered for the position; minor offenses on your driving or criminal record may still be evaluated.

As with all of these restrictions, the most important thing is that you show that you have changed your ways and will not conduct crimes again.


There are numerous stories online about people with criminal convictions (including driving convictions) who were able to find work with the company, so don’t lose hope if your application is turned down; there are many different food delivery services available, many of which do not conduct a criminal background check as part of their application process.

Seek legal advice to guide you through the expungement process, as it can be a long and complicated procedure that requires expert assistance and legal knowledge to complete successfully. Thus through this article you would have learnt about GrubHub Hire Felons.


What happens during a GrubHub background check?

The procedure is simple and painless. GrubHub is only checking for severe problems with an applicant’s driving record and/or criminal past. Many delivery businesses perform a routine background checks.

Do background checks have to be paid for?

No. While some applicants are concerned if they will pass the criminal and driving investigations, it is never a bad idea to try. The chances of passing vary by state and market, but there’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot.

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?-Know More

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