Ulta Shopping Cart Trick -Know More About It

By using the shopping cart trick when shopping on a store’s website, you can get pre approved credit card offers. This might be an unusual way to get a new credit card since not all online stores offer it. Let us know about “Ulta Shopping Cart Trick”

Ulta Shopping Cart Trick

The shopping cart trick didn’t work with the Comenity Capital Bank Ulta Beauty Ultimate Rewards credit card. When you apply for an Ulta store credit card, you have to go through a thorough credit check. However the results may be different for you.

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Is There An Ulta Shopping Cart Trick?

Using the “shopping cart” method, you can get pre-approved for a store credit card without a hard credit check. The shopping cart trick did not work with the Ulta Beauty Ultimate Rewards credit card from Comenity Capital Bank. In order to get an Ulta store credit card, you have to go through a hard credit check, but the results may be different for you.

Multiple study attempts were also made to test the shopping cart method used by Ulta, which uses confirmed payment card information. Testing was done with different browsers and different amounts of purchases to make sure it worked right. There were no pre-approved credit offers made during any of these tries.

Different levels of success have been seen when people have tried to use Ulta’s store card with the shopping cart trick, as shown by the comments on social media. Ulta has also been taken off the lists of stores where shopping cart tricks work on many websites.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get an Ulta store credit card, but you should know that doing so could lead to a hard credit check.

When And How To Use The Shopping Cart Trick?

  1. This article explains how the shopping cart method should work, but your results may be different. For the shopping cart trick to work when shopping online, a pop-up message must appear. The pop-up will let you get preapproved for the store’s credit card.
  1. Before you can do the shopping cart trick, you need to do the following:
  1. Visit OptOutPrescreen.com to get credit offers from Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion that you can count on. Your request could take the website up to five business days to process.
  1. To see the content, you need to turn off all pop-up blockers on your browser.
  1. Visit an online store that works with Comenity Bank, like Ulta, and start putting things in your shopping basket as if you were going to buy them.
  1. You can start the check-out process as a guest or as a member.
  1. Slowly type your name and address into the “shipping information” field. Make sure that the personal information you put on your credit report and the information you give on your application is the same.
  1. A pop-up will show that the store card has already been approved (where available). To apply, follow the steps on the screen and only enter the last four digits of your Social Security number. If the application asks for your full Social Security number, your credit will almost certainly be checked.


Instead of a hard pull, you can protect your credit score by using the shopping cart method. It can be used if you can’t get a regular credit card. The shop needs to do a light credit check to make sure you are who you say you are.

The store could give out bonuses and other perks. These deals include things like cash back, coupons, and specials that only cardholders can get.


Shoppers should know that this trick never guarantees a soft draw, and getting new credit cards can lower the average age of your open accounts. Also, keep in mind that the credit limits on cards you get using this trick are usually not very high.


The shopping cart trick doesn’t work the same way at every store that takes credit cards from Comenity Bank. In this post about how to fix shopping cart trick problems, it is suggested to clear your browser’s cookies and search history, using more than one browser, and putting more than $100 in your cart. Others say you should use the “private” or “incognito” mode of your browser.

  1. Will the shopping cart technique still be effective?

Will the shopping cart method still work in the year 2021? Well, some people say the “shopping cart method” helped them avoid a credit check, but others say it didn’t work for them.

  1. Which retailers are still accepting the shopping cart trick?

Comenity, Synchrony, and Wells Fargo are the three main credit card providers where the shopping card trick works.

  1. Is it difficult to pull off the shopping cart trick?

No one can avoid a serious inquiry by using the shopping cart method. You decide if you want to use this plan or not. To get a shop credit card from Comenity Bank, Synchrony Bank, or Wells Fargo, you have to go through a thorough credit check.

  1. Is it possible to perform the shopping cart trick with a mobile phone?

To do the Shopping Cart Trick, you can use your phone or tablet. You might see the same pop-ups on your iPhone or Android device that you see on your PC. You must, however, make sure you’re on the desktop version of the site and not the mobile version.

Ulta Shopping Cart Trick -Know More About It

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