Does Verizon Price Match?-Know More

Verizon is an American network operator and is the largest wireless carrier service provider in the United States. As of 2021, it had more than 121 million subscribers. Verizon has its headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, founded in 2000 as a joint venture of an American telecommunications firm. It operates a national 4G LTE network and covers almost 99 percent of the American population. Here we will see about Does Verizon Price Match

“Verizon does its best to offer the lowest prices to its customer.” Not only does Verizon say that, but every other company does. However, every company can’t do so. Sometimes one offers a lower price, whereas in some cases, others might. Verizon also says that but fails to provide the lowest prices to its customers, but this might make its customers wonder whether Verizon does a price match or not. If you are wondering the same thing, you are at the right place. You will find all the answers related to Verizon’s price matching offers here.

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Does Verizon Price Match

Verizon’s Price Matching

Whether you are a fan of Apple, Samsung, or any other mobile phone company, you can get them all at Verizon. However, the availability of different phones from several companies at different places and retailers results in a price difference. This price difference can be minor but can even go up to $100 in some cases. Some third-party retailers do Price Match for their products to tackle this problem. Unfortunately, Verizon does not price match its product with outside retailers.

Even if you find a product at the company’s official outlet at a lower price and go to Verizon with that pricing, they still would not do the price match. Price matching any outside retailer is strictly against Verizon’s Price Match policy. Here outside retailer means any other phone company. So, whatever price you get from any retailer. Whether it is a Verizon competitor like T-Mobile or some other retailer, they would never price match it.

It is not that Verizon does not offer Price Matching at all, but they will only price match when you have bought a product from Verizon. Continue reading the article if you want to know more about their price matching options.

Verizon Price Drop Guarantee

Verizon terms it as a price match, but it is actually a price drop refund. In simple words, if you purchase a phone from Verizon and see that its price drops after a few days. You can get a refund. 

For instance, you bought a phone costing you $1000, but after five days its price drops to $800. Then, Verizon will refund you $200 on your preferred payment method.

A couple of things to note here are that this offer expires after 14-days of the purchase. So, if there is a price drop within those 14 days, you can get a refund. Else, your device is not capable of a price drop refund. Secondly, you must make the purchase from a Verizon store or an online purchase.

Getting the Price Match Benefit

If you are lucky enough, the phone you purchased from Verizon happens to go on sale, or its price drops within 14-days. You can get the price drop refund, but how to claim that. Let us have a look at its process. You can follow these steps to claim a rebate from Verizon.

  • Step 1: Check the device’s price on Verizon’s website
  • Step 2: Make sure you check the price for the same variant, color, and other specs
  • Step 3: If you see a lower price and have not been more than 14 days since you bought the phone, contact Verizon from their support page. In case you purchased the phone at a store, then you can give Verizon a call.

Verizon Authorized Retailer Price Match

As mentioned, Verizon will never price match with any other retailer or the company itself. This is unfortunate for many customers loyal to Verizon. However, Verizon indirectly offers a price match. You can get its benefit at Verizon’s authorized retailer that is Victra.

Victra will price-match any in-store devices and accessories with,, and even However, this price match offer comes with a few restrictions. 

  • Victra will only price match new in-stock items (excluding clearance). 
  • Only one price match is possible per item
  • Make sure that both the products are identical
  • It is limited to up to one price match per customer

One can say that Verizon is strict with price matching policies and actually does not offer any price match. However, they offer a price drop refund if you bought the product from Verizon’s store or website. You can get this credit if you find a lower price at Verizon within fourteen days of your purchase. This credit can be claimed by contacting Verizon. Fortunately, there is an authorized retailer from Verizon that does offer price matches but has a few strict restrictions. This authorized reseller will also price match

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How do I contact Verizon for a price drop refund?

You can contact Verizon by chatting with them, making an appointment, or just by visiting your local store. In case you made the purchase from a store, it is recommended that you reach Verizon by contacting on 1-800-225-5499.

Q2 How will Verizon return me the price difference after the price drop?

Verizon will return you the credit on your preferred payment method. You can choose one; they will help you out when you contact Verizon.

Q3 Is it safe to purchase a device or accessory from Victra?

Yes, Victra is a Verizon authorized retailer and is entirely safe to make purchases.

Does Verizon Price Match?-Know More

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