Harris Teeter Apple Pay-Know More

Grocery shopping is considered a fun thing to do in our daily busy schedule. We get to meet a lot of regular customers, try buying a variety of food items, and more importantly explore. Having an advanced payment method makes our grocery shopping easier. It reduces the chance of being inaccurate when it comes to the prices of goods.  Here we will see about Harris Teeter Apple Pay

Harris Teeter Apple Pay

What Is Harris Teeter?

Harris Teeter is a supermarket based in the United States of America. It is also known as Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy. It is located in Matthews, North Carolina. As per the records of 2021, Harris Teeter grocery has 261 operating stores in the United States of America. Most of them are concentrated in the South Atlantic States. 

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Harris Teeter was founded by two entrepreneurs, William Thomas Harris and Willis L. Teeter. They opened their first store in 1936. It initially had eight employees. Harris Teeter specializes in groceries, dairy goods, deli meats, frozen foods, meat products, and seafood. 

In 2013, Harris Teeter supermarkets were owned by Kroger for $2.5 billion. However, within a year, this negotiation was closed down and Harris Teeter regained its name and headquarters in Matthews where it was initially located. Currently, it is one of the most visited stores in North Carolina. 

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple pay is one way to replace all the physical credit and debit card usage while shopping. It is easier, safer, secure, private, and reliable. It functions like a normal bank card which includes transferring money from one place to another, retrieving the money, depositing the amount, etc. the only difference is that, the money will not be in physical form. It will be in electronic form. 

Apple pay service is only done by Apple Inc. that is, this function is only available in ios devices like iPhone, apple watch, iPad, Mac, etc. currently, apple pay is accepted in over 85% of stores in the United States of America. This makes the Americans freely use their apple pay in any store. apple pay can also be used in subscribing to apple music, apple TV+, apple news+, etc. iCloud storage can also be upgraded using apple pay. Consumers in America finds the payment method easier since 2014, the time when apple pay was invented. 

Where can I find out whether Apple Pay is accepted or not?

One traditional way is to ask the shopkeeper whether they accept Apple pay. But this might not be convenient since most of them do not know what Apple Pay is. This will make the sense of understanding difficult between a customer and a shopkeeper. 

Apple found a solution to this problem by locating the stores, restaurants, and other services which accept Apple Pay. 

Does Harris Teeter Take Apple Pay?

Harris Teeter is one of the brands which do not support the Apple pay payment method. Apple Pay is only allowed when a person places an online order at their store. Even though Apple Pay is considered to be the safest mode of payment, Harris Teeter does not accept it. However, we can expect that they will be accepting Apple Pay in the future. 

The reason why Harris Teeter does not accept Apple Pay is due to their invention of a new innovative method of payment. This mode of payment is almost similar to Apple Pay. It is known by the name Kroger Pay. It is a contactless and QR code-based system to accept payments through electronic devices. 

Harris Teeter is well aware of the easiness and convenience of the Apple pay method. This made them create Kroger Pay which is exclusively their mode of payment. This also made human interaction less during the COVID-19 period. Since Harris Teeter is considered to be under Kroger store at the moment, Apple pay mode of payment might not be currently possible. This is because Kroger and all the stores under Kroger accept the Kroger Pay method. There are some indications regarding accepting the payment method of Apple Pay in the Kroger store. If that happens, then certainly Harris Teeter would be their mode of payment to Apple Pay. 

Other Kinds Of Payments Accepted At Harris Teeter

Other than Kroger Pay, Harris Teeter accepts payment methods that include visa cards and Master cards, discover cards, prepaid balance cards, American Express-issued cards, and EBT cards (they are a type of government-issued cards), and also payment through cash. 


This article briefly conveyed the idea of Apple Pay and Harris Teeter grocery store. The digital payment method is accepted by most users today due to its advanced features and safety standards. Apple Pay is an increasingly popular mode of payment. A lot of them make use of Apple pay in almost every place where they want to pay. 

Harris Teeter not accepting Apple Pay can be considered as one of its advantages. This can be one of the negative reviews about Harris Teeter grocery store. It’s hoped they would include Apple pay in the lists of the mode of payment by Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter Apple Pay-Know More

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