How To Turn Off Closed Captions Netflix Smart TV?

Netflix supports closed captions to help viewers who are hard of hearing. But many people find the text in closed captions a distraction that takes away from their viewing experience. There are two ways to turn off closed captions on Netflix smart TV and you decide which is better for you. You can stream the movie without or without subtitles. To enable both of these cases, all you have to do is to go into your Settings menu, select Subtitle Language and Languages, select English only, then press OK on your remote control. Press OK to save changes and continue watching. 

How To Turn Off Closed Captions Netflix Smart TV?

When Is Netflix Planning To Add Closed Captioning To Their Service? 

Netflix does not have a set time for when they plan to add closed captions for Roku users. Their priority is to make sure that the service works well on all devices, but if you have suggestions on how they can improve it or suggestions for improvement of their Roku TV’s menu then let them know.

Many people have closed captions turned on by default. This means that if you went to watch a show or movie, the subtitles and closed captions would appear as soon as the video started playing. 

Here’s How To Turn Them Off For Netflix

  • On your TV remote, press Menu and go down to “Settings.”
  • Under “TV Settings,” find “Closed Captioning” and turn it off.

Or you can go to your Netflix on your computer or mobile device and sign in to your account. Once signed in, click the “Your Account” tab. Underneath that, click “Content Settings.” There, you can choose whether or not Closed Captions appear.

Netflix has made it possible to have the captions turned on or off from your TV’s menu, by accessing them from the Audio & Subtitles menu while watching a show or movie. So if you want to turn them off and not have to go into the menu every time, this article is for you.

Just by using the Smart TV’s built-in menu, captions can be turned off in a matter of seconds without ever having to look at your remote. This is a huge time saver!

There Are Two Ways Of Turning Off Closed Captions On Netflix

Solution 1: 

Adjusting the volume of your tv. First of all, you should try to adjust the volume of your tv. Usually, after a few seconds, if you turn up the volume on your tv, the closed captions will disappear.

Solution 2: 

Changing the settings on your device. The next thing you should try is to close Netflix and change some settings on your device or computer that you normally use to stream Netflix.

For Example: 

On an Xbox One, go to “My Games & Apps,” “Apps,” and find Netflix. Press “A” on your controller to open it. Select “Settings,” and scroll down to the “Subtitles & Captions” option. Turn it off. Press “B” on your controller to go back. Then reopen Netflix, and try playing any video.

You should now be able to turn off the closed captions on Netflix with no problem at all! You can follow this same method if you’re using other devices, such as a PC or a Playstation 4.


If you have a first name, perhaps you’ve already been in the midst of an argument with an open-minded friend or family member. You might have been arguing that closed captions are the only way to watch Netflix content on your Smart TV. 

They might not be convinced because it seems like a hassle, but today we’re going to show them just how easy it is to turn off closed captions on a Netflix subscription.

  1. What are Closed Captions?

Closed captions (often called subtitles) are secondary audio tracks that a TV program can have, which display text-based information onscreen and/or narrate dialogue. The names of people, places, and things and when they are pronounced are translated into text. 

  1. How do I turn off Closed Captions?

To turn off Closed Captions on your TV/Set, you’ll need to set the “Closed Caption On/Off” switch on your television. However, not all types of televisions have this option. Sometimes it is referred to as the “Subtitle On/Off” switch. The following will depend on your type of television though:

  1. How do I know if my device has Closed Captions?

You can check to see if your device has Closed Captions by using a test mode. This is an option that exists on most TV screens and/or DVD players. In this mode, the Closed Captions are turned on, but not all of the information is displayed.

  1. Which closed captioning format to use?

To make sure you are not missing any information in the captions, make sure that you select the correct closed captioning format. There are three different formats: EIA 608, WebVTT, and TTML. This is determined by your device and not something that you can control. 


How To Turn Off Closed Captions Netflix Smart TV?

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