Moving a Shed Cost- Know More About it

Regardless of the situation, it is quite probable that you will need to engage an expert to relocate a shed from one location to some other. In this article we shall see about cost of Moving a Shed.

Experts will be able to jack up your shed during this operation, load it onto a trailer, and transport it to your new site. Attempting to complete this task on your own is probable to occur in harm to the shed’s construction, hastening its degeneration or even causing it to collapse. 

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Moving a Shed Cost

An injury might also arise from shifting a shed absent expert assistance. Therefore, it is advisable to leave individuals with expertise in this position.

American back gardens are hubs of entertainment, with everything from Barbeque grills and trampolines to play spaces and hot tubs.

They are also well-liked by DIYers who keep lawnmowers, recreational equipment, and tools in sheds.

Average Cost

Hiring movers to relocate a standard-size shed nearby might cost anywhere between $200 and $500. The price will increase if your shed is bigger. Additionally, particularly for longer routes, you may anticipate paying $1 to $3 each mile.

Consider them:

  • The shed’s age and state
  • How it was created (sheet metal, lumber, or rubberized plastic)
  • How is it constructed: with screws, adhesive, nails, or welds?
  • How much it weighs overall or in each of its sections
  • Its measurements
  • Whether it’s at a reachable location
  • Cost of maintaining it versus moving, dismantling and reconstructing it

Onsite Shed Move: $240 to $370 

This cost includes transporting a shed to a new place on your premises. A piece of specialist shed shifting equipment is still necessary to move a shed to a different area of your yard. Of course, various circumstances might affect the cost as well.

Local Shed Relocate: $450 to $550

In essence, relocating a shed inside Lancaster is included in this typical shed moving cost. In general, this is so economical since you’re close to our offices and therefore don’t have to move your shed that far.

Moving a shed over a long distance: around $5,000 

The shed may still travel with you even if you are relocating out across the nation. For instance, it will cost around $5,000 to relocate your shed from Lancashire to Orlando (or any other distant state!). However, please remember that the typical shed removal price will fluctuate significantly depending on factors like distance. Although, it is still a steal when considering the cost of building a brand-new, really big shed or garage.

Things to be considered before moving your shed:

  • Understanding the variables that may affect your bill will help you estimate prospective expenses and weigh your alternatives for moving your shed. 
  • Simply choosing the right person to execute the task is one of these criteria.
  • Before pulling out the equipment, it’s a good idea to assess your position because not all sheds are mobile.
  • If you want assistance, contact an acquaintance who has moved a shed before or a nearby handyperson.
  • Cutting costs is one of the key factors that influence people’s decision to relocate their shed. And besides, there’s no need to discard the shed if it still appears brand-new and thus will offer years of dependable shelter. 
  • All businesses and contractors charge varying rates, and most of them also impose additional costs that must be properly considered.
  • The shed itself, in particular its dimensions and quality, would be another influence. Bigger sheds are more difficult to transport and cost more to have moved.

Transferring a shed with a trailer

Trailers are sometimes preferable for relocating sheds because their beds are typically considerably lower than truck frames.

They also feature reduced centers of gravity, which improves transportation security.

On the minus side, as most trailers lack winches, you’ll likely have to use a crane, loader, or your hands to move the shed into the bed.

They can lift a big shed onto the truck for the shipment because of their slanted bodies and strong pulleys.

Given the relatively limited diameter and rear wheel wells, most sheds cannot be transported in the bed of a typical pickup truck without being disassembled.

Disassembling and moving a shed

Even though it requires more work and energy, moving a shed that has been dismantled has always been preferable to transporting it whole.

Consider the owner’s manual that came with it before disassembling it, or if it’s long since disappeared, snap pictures of the equipment and joints for later use upon reassembly.

Labeling adjacent pieces with numbers or symbols, such as arrows and Xs, can help you recognize which goes where afterward.

To prevent them from becoming lost during transportation, place all of the hardware, including nuts, studs, screws, nuts, and brackets, inside a ziplock bag and close the end.


You might wish to relocate your shed for a range of reasons. Others wish to transfer it to a new property, while some residents are simply shifting it to a bigger place in their yard.

Moving a Shed Cost- Know More About it

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