Cheapest Place to Get Passport Photos

A photograph is an image of you taken as you maintain a certain pose, while a passport photo is a picture that captures only your headshot with your identity recorded on a little card. When an application needs to be processed, particularly traveling documents, it is used. And because the shot only requires your head, it is needless to spend a lot of money when it can be done for a modest price. Let us see some cheapest place to get passport photos.

Cheapest Place to Get Passport Photos

Even though there are different methods and procedures for acquiring a passport, there are numerous places that offer this service and at the same time grant you cost-effectiveness. Although it is very important to visit the studio where these services are offered to avoid frivolous rejections that will waste your time and money but truth be told, they are quite expensive because of some additional fees included. Application for the first time can cost you more unlike getting a renewal done. The cost of getting a passport varies by age, and how urgent it is needed too. A new passport costs between $130 to $225.

Cheapest Place to Get Passport Photos

It is easier to choose the local business point where you can receive good quality at decent prices over studios that charge you more. These locations are countless where you can get it done at a seemingly low rate. These places are the retail shops. Their service as well is fast thereby enabling you to get it all done at once. Some examples of the place you can get your passport photos for a cheapest price are Walmart, Costco, Walgreens, Target, UPS Store, FedEx, and a few others. Their cost is much lower than having it done at a studio

Where can I get a passport for a low cost?

Walmart Store

It is one of the largest stores in town that has over 5,000 locations with a swift and efficient mode of operation such that you can shoot the photo and get it on the spot. There are two methods to getting your passport photo; either by uploading them on their site to print out or visiting the center yourself to get them. For a single picture, they charge $7.44.

Costco Store 

This is much more of an advantage and offers discounts for members associated with this group. You get to print four copies of the photo for a cost of $5.34. It is one of those places that offer very cheap services.

Walgreens Store

It’s a store that prints all kinds of images, books, posters, and other photo-related services. They’re good at what they do hence, you get your photo within a short period. With a total cost of $14.99, it is accessible in over 8,000 centers in the United States.

Target Store

Target store has an app that clients can make use of, it only involves little effort as your phone is needed to submit photographs to the appropriate channel for printing. With almost 1,500 locations, it is also less expensive. The cost is $12.99.

FedEx Store

In this store with over 2,000 locations, a high-quality photo costs no less than $14.95. And if you don’t want to spend so much money, another option is to set up a ready-made template and take it to this store so the photo can be printed out for you. You’d spend less than a dollar doing this.

UPS Store Store

This is yet another fantastic store that would help you get a high-quality print and have it delivered on schedule. The business has over 5,000 locations, making it easy for customers to use its services. The service cost is $11.99.

AAA passports

It is the most expensive of all with a charge of $15  for a non-member while membership prices vary as they have the basic and the premium members. They help you with all kinds of passports you would need.


To get your passport printed at a low cost, you may need to take the picture accordingly and that’s the more reason it requires your time. Taking the pictures yourself isn’t as difficult as it may seem provided the guidelines are adhered to. These stores offer you a lot of advantages rather than making use of money drainers when you can afford top-notch photographs with a little amount of cash.

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. What are passport photographs used for?

It is a means of identification that includes your photo needed to process international travels. It certified you as a bonafide member of a country.

  1. Where do I get a cheaper passport? 

There are designated location stores that use this service to people who might need them. Some stores where you can get them are FedEx,  Walmart, Walgreens,  Target, etc.

  1. Can I take the pictures myself?

Yes, it’s possible. It saves you a whole lot of money as you would only have to pay less for print out.

Cheapest Place to Get Passport Photos

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