Sam’s Club Return Policy On Alcohol Year


Sam’s club is a multinational company that provides wholesale prices on top brands. It is a retail club named after the founder of Walmart Sam Walton. It provides its customers with discounts on top brands. Let us see about Sam’s club return policy on Alcohol year.

Sam’s Club Return Policy On Alcohol Year

Sam’s club is well known for its membership. Sam’s Club provides its customers, membership through which not only big companies as well as small businessmen, retailers, families, and shopkeepers with a discount on everyday products. Sam’s club is a club in which after getting a membership you will find the products at the cheapest price that the retailers even don’t give you.

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Sam’s Club Return Policy

Sam’s club has an effective and very easy return policy. If you are not satisfied with your product, you can easily apply for a return. You can either return online, offline, or on the website. These are as explained:

  • Bring it back to the club: you can bring the product directly to the store, and a refund will be initiated. They will refund you the amount in the way you paid.
  • Ship back the item: you can start a return by visiting the site and going to the help center. You have to return the slips and then arrange for shipping back to the source.
  • Through contact: call (888)746-7726 and submit your order number.

Returning Alcohol To Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers its customers to return any items, but when it comes to alcohol it becomes an exception. There are very strict rules and regulations in terms of alcohol. It does not accept all the returns for alcohol. There are certain limitations. If you seriously want to return alcohol, then you can directly contact the management staff for your return request to be accepted.

Usually, most of the stores located in the US do not accept the return of alcohol. This is certainly because of the state’s policy that there should be no refund for alcohol. The state does not give refunds to liquor customers. If your request looks Valid and your return is in the return rules then only you can get a refund for alcohol.

The return mainly depends on the rules and regulations of the management.

The Procedure Of Returning Alcohol To Sam’s Club

  • Alcohol return rules are different from other items. If you want to return alcohol then you have to visit the store and ask the management staff. You should go to the customer desk to submit your request.
  • When you visit the desk, you have to give them the proper reason for returning the alcohol and they will identify the process.
  • The desk will tell you about the process of a refund if it is eligible for a refund.
  • You can give back alcohol like other products; all you need to know and do is contact the management and should be well known of the return policy.

Sam’s Club Return Policy On Alcohol year

The return policy when completed, the refund is scheduled at the same time. If you have paid through money, then you will get back your money at the same time and if you have made a payment through a card, then it takes a few days to refund the amount in your account.

Sam’s club refund also depends on your form of payment or upon the processing time of your account to accept the refund.

When you have paid through credit cards, then it will take at maximum six to seven days to show the refunded amount in your account. And when you pay through direct cash then you will get money in no time.

Other Details About Returning Alcohol To Sam’s Club

After how much time can we return the alcohol?

No, you cannot return liquor after a long time. The return period for alcohol is very short. So, if you want to return alcohol you should not take much time. It also depends on the returning policy offered by the club.

Without a receipt, can we return the alcohol to Sam’s club?

No, Sam’s club could not accept alcohol without a receipt. According to the state policy, refund and return of alcohol without a receipt is strictly prohibited.


The above statements tell us that returning alcohol to Sam’s club is not a big issue but you must be well identified with the return policy of the club on alcohol. You should have the proper receipt, and the return period should not be very long. 

You can easily get a refund if you paid through cash and if you paid online then you will get a refund in a period of five to seven days.

Frequently asked questions:
  1. Can I return alcohol to Sam’s club without having proper packaging?

You must have proper and original packaging. They should not be used. Its cap should be intact. There are very strict rules for returning alcohol, even a minor crack can cancel your return.

  1. How can I get a refund for my alcohol from Sam’s club?

You can get your refund at the time of returning the item after visiting the desk. You can also call 1(888) 746-7726. You can cancel your membership from there and get a gift card for that amount.

Sam’s Club Return Policy On Alcohol Year

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