Average NHL ticket price- Know More

An NHL ticket is an item of a traditional sports game that allows a fan to view a sporting event live. It is often sold as part of a bundle with other items, such as food and drinks, to make the purchase more enticing for the consumer. It is usually bought at sporting events and can represent a significant amount of money for the purchaser. In this article we shall see Average NHL ticket price.

Average NHL ticket price

The ticket price for the World Cup of Hockey in Toronto was USD 944. Host cities for the tournament, Canada and the United States, respectively, have the highest average prices at $1,577 and $1,167, with a combined average of $1,661. $10,822 on average at the new (or renovated) venues.

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The average regular-season tickets in the NHL are currently about $43, though the average price for a premium ticket is up to $110. A game-day ticket at an NHL match goes for around $300. The average price for a single-team NHL game has risen by $1,857 since 2015. 

Increased prices of NHL tickets

Tickets for the NHL playoffs and finals are expected to increase by at least 20 percent, according to a market analysis by Team Titan, a Dallas-based sports marketing and consulting firm. But the biggest impact to come from that increase may be on the NHL’s bottom line. Many of its ticket sales come from fans who buy playoff and final tickets well in advance, locking in the prices long before prices increase. Pascal Allard, the league’s vice-president of communication, said the increases have been the result of challenges from the leagues’ television partners, higher ticket prices charged by some venues, and the rise in demand for hockey as the tournament becomes more popular. He also said the increases have not affected average attendance.

The highest-priced games in the 2019-20 regular season were when the Boston Bruins hosted the San Jose Sharks at the TD Garden on February 26, which cost Celtics fans a total of $1,857. The lowest-priced games were hosted by the Washington Capitals in the home opener against the New York Islanders, which cost Capitals fans a total of $813.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have the highest ticket prices at $11,719, $1,857 more than the next closest team. The LA Kings are the only other Canadian team with a ticket price that tops $9,000, with an average of $10,821.

The National Hockey League

The NHL is a professional ice hockey league consisting of thirty-two teams, divided into four divisions. The NHL has two conferences, Eastern and Western, each with four divisions, and has two separate champions. The conferences are named after the sides of the traditional hockey spectrum – the Eastern Conference for the Eastern Conference teams and the Western Conference for the Western Conference teams. The series will be played at a neutral site. Fans can expect some of the most intense rivalries in the league to be renewed, including the L.A. and San Jose Sharks. The other series to watch in the conference finals include the New York Rangers and Ottawa Senators, the St. Louis Blues and Vegas Golden Knights, and the Colorado Avalanche and Winnipeg Jets.


The average price of an NHL ticket is $107, but that varies depending on the game, the section, and the seat. The most expensive tickets in the upper bowl of a venue like TD Garden cost an average of $157, while the cheapest tickets in the lower bowl cost an average of $35. The secondary and tertiary sections of an arena like Rogers Arena are the most accessible to the people sitting in the premium seats, where the average price of a ticket is much lower. However, the top-level seats are better than the lower-level seats because they have a better view and they are closer to the ice.

Frequently asked questions
  1. What is the best seat at NHL?

Answer: – The best seat for an NHL game is the one next to the glass, as it provides a great view and provides comfort for those sitting next to you. You typically pay more for the view than you would for some other seats. The best seats at the arena also typically contain a quicker entrance, and unless you’re paying for those packages, the better the view, the higher the price you pay.

  1. What is the cheapest NHL ticket?

Answer: – The cheapest tickets to see a live NHL game are generally found in the secondary and tertiary sections of the arena. The cheapest five tickets in the lower bowl of TD Garden cost $35, while the cheapest pair of tickets in section 101 cost $74. Both of these sections are in the 100 level, which is usually considered the cheapest section to sit in. The cheapest seat in the upper bowl of Rogers Arena, home to the Vancouver Canucks, costs $36.

  1. Can I get a free ticket to an NHL?

Answer: – No, you cannot. But the best way to get a chance to get a free ticket to an NHL game is to get to the venue early or get to the front of the line when tickets are being offered as a freebie.

Average NHL ticket price- Know More

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