Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico -Know More

The most affordable way to ship to Puerto Rico depends strictly on your package & delivery requirements. The admirable thing about Puerto Rico is that its territorial jurisdiction does not warrant liability of duties under customs regulations. A fixed sales tax percentage applies to the packages in transit from the mainland USA to this island. Let us know about “Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico”

Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico

UPS, USPS, AND FedEx are the best shipping partners for delivering to Puerto Rico. The cheapest method of shipping to Puerto Rico is USPS. If you are looking to send shipments in higher quantities, UPS is the best. FedEx is the optimum choice for the fastest delivery.

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Various Available Shipping Options

Puerto has been in existence as a territory under the U.S. legislation since 1898. The island is not an incorporated one, rendering its status mute as a state or a sovereign region. The various premium shipping options for delivering your items to Puerto Rico are the following:

United Parcel Service (UPS) 

UPS is a shipment management company that was founded in 1907. The organization is perhaps your best bet for shipping packages to Puerto Rico.

United States Postal Service (USPS) 

The federal government of the USA provides package delivery services to aid people & entities with their shipment needs. USPS is a significant, crucial option to engage in uncompromising services to their customers.

Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) 

FedEx is an American conglomerate helping its users with all the segments of package transactions. They are a vital organization to help with your shipment needs for the Puerto Rico region.

Cheapest Shipping Options To Puerto Rico

This section explores the optimum shipment availability for your products when delivering to the territory of Puerto Rico. The below table illustrates the valid shipping option as per the customer requirements.

Requirement of the consumerBest corresponding service provider
Sending of the packages/products in bulk quantities exceeding any limitUPS is your ally in this regard.
Fastest delivery & shipment to Puerto Rican territoryFedEx is the best service for this aspect.
Sending the quantity by the cheapest possible choiceUSPS is an adequate solutions partner for your affordable shipping needs.

The cheapest option for shipping to Puerto Rico is USPS Priority Domestic & which can take one to seven business days.

Tips For Selecting The Cheapest Option

The following points will serve as a vital focal point to assist you in shipping to Puerto Rico using the cheapest available way.

  • Calculate a ballpark figure for the cost of delivery. Shipment estimates will give you an early stage advantage in balancing your package transit & financial/accounting niches simultaneously.
  • It is advisable to try out multiple carriers first to try and arrive at an excellent partner option that matches your business requirements.
  • All terms, conditions, policies, and regulations of the shipment services & partner functions should be explorable in detail before getting down to business.
  • Like with all other package & shipment instructions, you should verify all the details before the delivery. It is necessary to boost your chances of receiving incredible services from shipment solutions providers.
  • Do not lose your focus on the fundamental element in the shipment process, which is the destination station. Ensure that your business complies with all the active regulations and formalities related to the Puerto Rican parcel service authorities. Remember that you are dealing with an external territory & the rules apply in all scenarios.
  • Once you select your ideal shipping partner, engage in a relationship with them built on trust & loyalty. It will essentially support businesses who are trying to seek long-term consistent shipment programs or processes.
  • Do not sacrifice quality for the sake of affordability. If your service is part of delivering the best potential products, find that ideal balance between an agreeable price & quality shipment solution.


Now we have learnt “Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico”, The most relevant thing about shipping to Puerto Rico is its treatment as a domestic area, thereby avoiding formalities related to customs clearance. The parting thought here is to concentrate on your shipping requirements & act accordingly for the package and delivery process.

  1. What is the tax percentage for shipments with Puerto Rico as the destination?

Tax percentages will vary according to the package you are trying to deliver. The fixed sales tax on shipping products is 11.5%.

  1. How long will it take for the packages to deliver?

The general shipments via the ocean route will take up to 8 days. Express deliveries will happen in just three days. You should form an efficient supply chain management process for regular or frequent shipment requirements.

  1. How do you distinguish the state & country considerations for addressing Puerto Rico?

For USPS services, the United States will be the country & Puerto Rico will be a state coming under the country name. For service assistance from UPS & FedEx, the country & state is the same – Puerto Rico.

  1. Are restrictions applicable while shipping to Puerto Rico?

No specific restrictions apply while shipping to Puerto Rico. But you should follow the general considerations in shipping, transit, and delivery of packages across international borders.

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Cheapest Way To Ship To Puerto Rico -Know More

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