Fastest USPS Shipping Method – Know More

USPS means U.S Postal Service; it is a federal agency that is charged with the responsibility of processing and delivering mails to individuals in the U.S, as well as with that protecting the mail from theft, abuse, or loss, per the postal laws recognized in the U.S. There are different postal services agency and we’d be looking into the agencies that are known to have a swift and fast shipping method. Let us know ‘Fastest USPS Shipping Method’.

Fastest USPS Shipping Method

Fastest USPS Shipping Method

There are different USPS shipping methods, that are known to be fast. However, what differentiates one from the other and makes it the distinguishing factor amongst others is the use of a map to check the time estimate of the delivery to the desired destination; this will be discussed further on. It is a very famous choice for many e-commerce businesses because the business gets cost-effective shipping options as compared to FedEx and UPS. It is through the unique feature of ‘flat-shipping rate’ that the forecasting of the cost for delivery, better put as previously mentioned, time estimation of the delivery to the desired destination, attracts businesses to this service. The advantage of shipping through this method is the simplicity; it reflects in the process, which is printing out labels and dropping the package off at one’s local and/or nearest USPS office or mailbox, depending on the quantity. Depending on the kind of business run and the services provided, there are shipping options and mail classes that suit and are recommended for each business. In the succeeding details being dispersed, information about the type, price, delivery options, etc., are going to be extensively discussed.

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Types of Fast USPS Shipping Method

Priority Mail:

As the name implies, it gives utmost priority to the delivery of your mail services. It has a timeframe of delivery service, which is between next day to 2-days delivery service; however, this is dependent on where because it is expected that the farther the destination, the longer the time; but, with this mail service, the length of time is shortened and the price determines this, one pays more for postage. One can even check the delivery time estimate through their map, thereby giving the user an idea of how long delivery will take, based on the distance, notwithstanding their goal, which is swift delivery. The features and pricing of this USPS are as follows:

  • Fast delivery, done between 1-3 business/working days
  • Free pickup from one’s local post office
  • Includes shipping and 50 dollars insurance, with most shipments; restrictions apply.
  • No surcharges for fuel, even for resident or rural delivery or Saturday delivery
  • For retails, flat rate, regional and prepaid pricing is available
  • Special prices for the brand’s Flat Rate Envelopes or Boxes; with a weight limit of 70 pounds, anything that fits into it will be given a flare rate price.

One must also note that the delivery distance is measured based on zones and weight. 

Priority Mail Express:

It’s known to be the fastest delivery option, offered by the USPS. It provides a moneyback guarantee, with a day to 2-day delivery service expedited by either 3 pm or 6 pm. What makes it stand out from Priority Mail is that its delivery services are available every day of the year, at a competitive price at many locations within the U.S, particularly at most U.S addresses and P.O. Boxes: Sunday or holidays can be done at an additional cost. Their Flate Rate helps you ship packages up to 70 pounds in weight to any state at the same price. It also offers overnight delivery; however, most businesses don’t need overnight delivery and it is also used as a competitive advantage for businesses in terms of next-day delivery. The features and pricing of this USPS are as follows:

  • Fast delivery; next day to two days delivery with a money-back guarantee
  • Free package pickup at your home or office
  • Includes tracking and 100 dollars of insurance with most package
  • Inclusive in the price is the proof of delivery signature: it is given on request at the time of purchase.
  • The same price for mail pieces up to 70 lbs, going anywhere in the U.S

First-Class Mail:

It’s an inexpensive and easy way to send envelopes and lightweight packages, particularly for sellers who have lightweight products. It is a cost-effective shipping option, it is 0.55 dollars for each envelope regardless of how far the distance is. It is mostly for beginning mailers because lack of extra processes like special payment methods, mailing permits, and extra time to presort the mail. A stamp is put on it and it is dropped USPS mailbox or Post Office. Features and pricing: 

  • Mail is delivered 1-5 days business days 
  • Small packages are delivered in 2-5 business days
  • Special price for items up to 13 oz
  • Insurance up to 5,000 dollars on merchandise only
  • Commercially priced letters and cards with up to 3.5 ounces have one price
  • Prices based on shape and weight

USPS Marketing Mail:

Ecommerce businesses use it for marketing collateral, through catalogs, flyers, coupons, or anything promotional. The prices are in bulk and there is a minimum quantity expected to allow for marketing, which is 200 pieces or 50 pounds of mail. There are prices for letters, flat/large envelopes, parcels, Marketing parcels, and Parcel Select Lightweight parcels.

N.B: All of these mail services are dependent on the goal of selecting the mail class i.e., fastest, cost-effective, specific items.


The fastest USPS shipping method is dependent on the goal of the eCommerce business, which is: the fastest, most cost-effective, specific items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can one meet all the goals for an eCommerce business?

A1: Yes and no: it depends on what business can afford

Q2: Which one of them is best?

A1: It depends on what the company can afford and its goal.

Q3: Is distance considered when selecting?

A3: Yes, it is; it is included in the price.

Fastest USPS Shipping Method – Know More

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