Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

AutoZone is quite a popular name when it comes to automobile industries in the US. AutoZone, founded in 1979, is the top retailer and distributor of locomotive spare parts and components in the United States. AutoZone has been dedicated to offering the best parts, pricing, service, and support in the automotive industry for over 42 years. AutoZone, based in Tennessee, boasts running more than 6,400 stores in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. AutoZone offers several services but the best thing is that if you buy a car battery from them, you might get a free installation service from them. However, in this article lets see  Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

AutoZone will offer you a free battery installation service only under one condition. You need to buy the new battery from AutoZone to get a free installation service from them. AutoZone staff will install the battery in 15 minutes or sometimes it takes even less than that. Nevertheless, AutoZone can refuse to provide a free battery installation service under some circumstances. If you have bought your new car battery from anywhere other than AutoZone, they will not be providing a free installation service. You might not get a free installation service from AutoZone if it is a complicated installation and requires them to remove any part of your car. You also might not get the installation service for free depending on the location of your car battery. If the battery is under the seat or anywhere unusual, AutoZone can refuse to provide you with a complimentary battery installation service.

3 Things You Need to Remember Before Changing Your Car Battery

Besides battery installation. there are several services that AutoZone offers. However, it is advised that you contact the store near you before you visit them. Now there are 3 things that you must remember before you decide to buy a new battery for your car. 

  1. Before you buy a new battery, make sure you take your car for a battery check-up. It is possible that your car battery is running low on charge and does not need a replacement. If this is the case the AutoZone staff will let you know and you can wait at the store while they charge the battery. It is worth mentioning that both the services- battery testing and charging are free of cost. 
  2. AutoZone has a wide assortment of car batteries at varied prices. The price of the batteries mainly depends upon 3 factors- type, model, and year of manufacture of your car. Usually, a battery price ranges from $50-$120 depending on these 3 factors. A premium batter would be costlier with qualities like a longer warranty period and life. So, decide what you want before you make a purchase.
  3. Before you buy a battery and seek a complimentary installation service from AutoZone, remember your battery needs to be bought from AutoZone. Additionally, it should be placed in such a place where installation would not require the staff to remove any car parts. 

How do You Know Your Car Battery Needs to be Replaced?

Some signs tell you that your car battery needs a replacement. The battery needs to be changed if:

  • It is more than 4 years old
  • It smells like a rotten egg
  • It is bloated
  • Engine light is discontinuous
  • Engine cranks sluggishly
  • The radio won’t turn on

Although these are considered some of the signs for battery replacement, it is recommended to visit a store for a check-up. AutoZone provides free battery checking.


AutoZone provides several services, one of them being battery installation. You can get a complimentary battery installation service if you buy the battery from them. However, you might get this service if the battery location is unusual and requires the removal of some car parts for battery installation. Installation usually does not take more than 15 minutes. In addition to this, at AutoZone, you can also get your car battery checked and charged for free. AutoZone is reliable and efficient so you don’t need to worry when you come to them for services.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I charge my car batteries at AutoZone for free?

It does not matter what the circumstance is AutoZone will always provide you with free battery charging. They even check your battery condition for free. So, if you feel like your car battery is running low, do not hesitate to stop by the AutoZone store near you.

  1. How often does a car battery need to be replaced?

You should regularly check your car and its battery to curtail the risk of possible issues. Experts usually recommend changing your car battery after every 4 to 5 years.

  1. How much time does it take to charge car batteries at AutoZone?

You can get rapid and free battery testing at every AutoZone store in the US. Along with that, you can also get a free battery charging service. AutoZone’s Duralast Fast Charger takes only 30 minutes to charge almost all car batteries.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

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