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KeyBank is a federal savings bank located in Cleveland, Ohio. By scale, it is one of the biggest banks in America. It is a primary branch of KeyCorp. The bank was established 197 years ago in 1825. KeyBank was formed as a union between Society Bank and Old KeyCorp. Let us know about “KeyBank Money Orders”

KeyBank Money Orders

KeyCorp is the company to which Keybank is a subsidiary and the bank offers several services to its consumers. Among them, one such service is the no-account money order option. They offer money orders to anyone even if they do not own a bank account. 

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What Is KeyBank?

KeyBank, a subsidiary of KeyCorp, is a Federal Savings bank located in Cleveland. KeyBank is also the 24th largest bank in the United States of America. We can trace its roots to a bank named the National Commercial Bank of Albany, New York in 1825. 

The number of branches owned by KeyBank in the country exceeds 1,100, and the ATMs owned are greater than 1500.  KeyBank ranked 412 out of 500 in the Fortune 500 ratings. KeyBank provides services in consumer as well as commercial banking. 

How To Make A Money Order With KeyBank?

Anyone can get money orders from KeyBank if they are enrolled in KeyBank Plus Check Cashing Program. Usually, KeyBank does not charge for a money order and everyone gets up to five money orders per every check cashed, but if a fee is charged it will be $5. 

As per policy, KeyBank does not cash orders, but it will deposit them into the receiver’s account. An important thing to note is that KeyBank does allow you to buy money orders without actually having an account; you just have to be a part of their KeyBank Plus Check Cashing Program.

Anyone can fill out a money order by following these easy steps: 

  • You have to enter the recipient’s name.
  • After that, write your address in the purchaser’s section.
  • In case of a bill, remember to write your account number.
  • Sign where it says ‘purchasers’ signatures’.
  • Remember to keep your receipt.

What Services Are Provided By KeyBank?

KeyBank provides a wide variety of services to all kinds of consumers. The Bank offers services in consumer banking as well as commercial banking.  The major services provided in consumer banking are:

  • Deposit and investment products
  • Student loan refinancing
  • Credit card
  • Personal finance and financial wellness services 
  • Business advisory services
  • Lending 
  • Treasury services
  • Mortgage and home equity

Commercial banking includes services like:

  • Commercial mortgage banking
  • Equipment finance
  • Derivatives
  • Debt and equity capital markets 
  • Syndicated finance
  • Commercial payments 
  • Public finance 
  • Foreign exchange 
  • Financial advisory

What Are The Benefits Of Opening A KeyBank Account? 

KeyBank is the biggest regional bank in Cleveland, Ohio. They provide great customer service with an amazing bank-consumer relationship. KeyBank is located in Cleveland where it is the largest bank in the city. The services they provide are banking, lending, student loans, credit card, treasury services, syndicated finance, financial advisory, and many more. The benefits of KeyBank are:

  • Waive the monthly maintenance fees
  • Convenient account access
  • Save on checks
  • KeyBank Debit Cards
  • Secure online & mobile banking
  • Convenient locations.

How To Make An Account In Keybank?

Anyone can make an account at KeyBank via visiting the bank directly or going online to open the bank. By going online, they can choose the type of account they want, fill out the forms, upload the required documents, and read all the terms and conditions. 

For opening an account via visiting the bank. You will need to bring a valid photo id, the form to fill will be provided by the bank and you will also be required to bring the minimum deposit amount which varies according to the type of account.


KeyBank is one of the best, and one of the largest banks in Cleveland, Ohio. KeyBank provides services that include commercial as well as consumer banking. You don’t need to have an account with KeyBank to make money Orders,  you only need to be part of the KeyBank Plus Check Cashing Program. The Bank account offers many great benefits like debit cards, Convenient locations, etc at KeyBank.

  1. How to withdraw money from KeyBank?

You can withdraw cash from Keybank by visiting your nearest branch. You may also opt for cash withdrawal from an ATM.  

  1. What Is the period for money transfer between KeyBank and other banks?

If you have transferred the funds before midnight, the funds would be transferred by the next working day. Usually, it takes about three days for a bank to transfer money.

  1. What is the maintenance fee charged by KeyBank?

A maintenance fee of $25 is charged by the bank every month.

  1. What is maintaining balance at KeyBank?

The MInimum maintaining balance at KeyBank is $5,000 or more.

KeyBank Money Orders -Know More

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