Does Carmax Buy Old Cars?

You do not need to be concerned about the drivability of your automobile. CarMax is a company that buy old cars. They claim to be willing to buy any car, no matter how old or how low the mileage is. CarMax usually sells automobiles that are too old or have too much damage to individual consumers at auctions rather than to individual customers. Keep reading to know about Carmax company that buy old cars.

Does Carmax Buy Old Cars?

Is it important how far you travel?

Carmax is unconcerned about mileage. They are willing to purchase a car with 30,000 miles or 100,000 miles. They will buy the automobile even if it is near 200,000 miles, which is difficult to do because many individuals do not want to own a car with this many miles.

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Many cars with this high mileage will have a lower price tag. When determining the car’s value, the appraiser will take this into account. 

If the interior is nice and the outside is free of rust, scratches, or dings, you will get more than one that has rust or is heavily damaged.

Before your appraisal appointment, keep the following in mind:

Bring the automobile title or appropriate payoff papers with you to the appraisal; all titleholders must be present.

  • You’ll also need to provide your registration paperwork, which must be current and genuine.
  • Remember to bring all of your car keys and/or remote controls with you.
  • Bring a valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID with you.
  • It’s easy to utilize Carmax. The buying process is simple after they’ve appraised your car.
  • Even if you believe your car is worth more, CarMax offers are final and only valid for seven days, so you won’t be able to negotiate your offer.

The Appraisal Process at Carmax

During the free appraisal, you must transport your vehicle to a Carmax location where an employee will complete the process.

  • It normally takes less than a half-hour to do this task. All of Carmax’s appraisers have received professional training and are passionate about their work.
  • If you ask the appraiser, he or she can also tell you what he or she is looking at. During the inspection, their role is to look at approximately 125 distinct points.
  • Appraisers have the right to reject a sale if it does not meet the appraisers’ terms and conditions.
  • You will receive a written offer when the car has been evaluated. 
  • You’ll have seven days to decide whether or not you want to take the offer.
  • You have the option to see whether there are any other offers on the car.
  • If you accept the offer and proceed, you will need to provide documentation to Carmax to sell your automobile.
  • Carmax will pay you right away if you have all you require.

Carmax is a good option for selling your old vehicle. The evaluation process is simple, and if you have all of the required documentation, your car can be sold quickly. 

The appraisers have received specialized training to accurately evaluate the car’s value.

Knowing the Value of Your Vehicle

Car owners frequently believe that their vehicle is worth more than it is.

  • The Kelley Blue Book Value will provide you with an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s worth. However, there are a few more factors to consider.
    • The mileage is one of the elements that will be considered throughout the evaluation process. And the car’s condition is something that should not be disregarded.
  • You will also be questioned if the car has been in any accidents throughout the appraisal.
  • The assessor will examine the interior of the vehicle to determine if there are any holes in the seats, whether the seatbelts are correctly buckled, and if any marks or burns are present.
  • The appraiser is checking for corrosion, dents, or other damage.


CarMax is a national chain of used automobile dealerships that buys and sells vehicles. CarMax distinguishes itself from other used car dealerships by accepting vehicles in any condition, including those with engine problems, faulty transmissions, and vehicles that have been damaged or salvaged.

CarMax is willing to purchase vehicles in almost any condition. 

CarMax does not prohibit cars based on mileage or age, according to a corporate customer service representative and multiple CarMax sales workers in New York and Maryland.


Will CarMax purchase a non-running vehicle?

CarMax does accept non-running vehicles, even if they are not prioritized.

Is it possible to haggle with CarMax when selling a car?

CarMax claims “no-haggle” pricing and does not match or negotiate prices on new or used automobile purchases, sales, or trade-ins.

Will Carmax buy my old cars if it was involved in an accident?

Carmax is notorious for buying any car, even if it has been in an accident. Carmax will also buy flood-damaged autos and vehicles with frame problems. The condition of your care will be reflected in the quantity of money you receive.

Does Carmax Buy Old Cars?

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