Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

The Vizio Soundbar remote is used to control sound bars on televisions and home theatre systems. A Vizio TV remote can be used to turn on the soundbar and control the volume of the TV. Basic functions like power, volume, channel, menu, and navigation keys will work regardless of any Vizio remote. Keep reading to know about the cause for Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Vizio Sound Bar remote is not working

The most familiar cause for a Vizio sound bar remote not working is the signal not hitting the IR sensor on the Vizio sound bar by itself. It has to be made sure that the remote is set at the front center of the sound bar and is not a way to a greater extent, like 10 feet from the device when pressing a button. A Vizio remote can also stop working due to burned-out device batteries, blocked TV sensors, power residue between the remote and TV, dirty power source, adhered memory of the remote, and even problems within the TV itself.

Causes of Vizio soundbar remote malfunction

  • Burned–out Batteries
  • TV sensor obstructed
  • Electronic Interference
  • TV and Remote Power Residues
  • Remote Memory Stuck
  • Faulty TV

How can you fix the issue?

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote.
  2. Press and hold the remote power button located near the top of the remote control.
  3. Then it has to be released after a few seconds so that any power residuals will be drained out of the remote.
  4. Press any buttons at once so that the buttons that are stuck will be loosened up.
  5. Now the batteries are put back in the remote.

Thus, the remote would begin to operate properly.

Steps to fix the Vizio Sound Bar Remote in each possible way?

  • First step: One has to make sure that there is a clear pathway between the Vizio soundbar remote and the soundbar itself so that there is no blocking of that signal from that IR sensor that is on the Vizio soundbar.
  • Second Step: The back of the remote is to be popped off to remove the batteries from the back. Now, to do the power cycle procedure, the remote, every single button is to be clicked twice to see whether the issue has been resolved. It is now going to power cycle the remote once the batteries are set down back in the Vizio soundbar remote.
  • Third Step: The batteries have to be taken off and replaced with new ones on the remote, since with time the batteries die, and putting in new ones would ensure the issue with the Vizio soundbar remote has been resolved.
  • Fourth Step: The soundbar is to be unplugged from its power source for 30 seconds, and then when it has been unplugged, the power should be held for the same time, which goes to power cycle the Vizio sound bar. After waiting for 30 seconds more, the soundbar should be plugged back in, and using the sound bar remote again, the issue can be fixed, indicating it to be a software-related issue, and it needs to be updated from the Vizio website.
  • Fifth Step: Vizio soundbar is a great device that runs with software because if rebooting the soundbar does not operate, one has to update the software version. This is because the old version of Vizio soundbars manages various software issues that can be secured by updating the software. So, one has to sign up on the website and download the software update of the soundbar into the Vizio Soundbar remote.

How to Update the Firmware on a Vizio Soundbar

To troubleshoot, one has to update the firmware. Once the latest version has been downloaded, one should transfer it to the USB flash drive.

  • The soundbar is to be plugged into the power outlet with the power button pressed.
  • Now, the power button is to be uncoupled from the power outlet, and a USB drive containing the latest firmware is to be put on.
  • Now the soundbar is connected back to the power outlet, where the lighting up of LED indicators shows that the device is entering the update mode.
  • Now, once the LED is put off the update is complete, and the USB drive has to be removed.


The non-working problem of Vizio Soundbar could occur by drop damage, water exposure, outdated firmware, incompatibility with streaming applications, or severe pressure, for which the whole device should have to be replaced. After the warranty period of the remote is over, a new one can be purchased.

Moreover, if the above methods don’t work for resolving the issue, a Vizio technical support team should be contacted and all the above procedures for fixing should be clarified to them so that they get through other modes of fixes to resolve the issue.

Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

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