Grout And Tile Cleaning Machine Rental – Know More

As technology is changing, the way we humans live and work is also changing. Be it household chores or out-of-home activities, technology has changed things. I would like to tell you from an example that earlier coffee had to be brewed on its own on the stove, but then the coffee maker came. Now if you go to any office, you will find that machine, and now most people drink coffee made from the same machine. First people used mops to clean the floor in the house, then after that, a new type of mop came which was called easy mops in common language. Since you could use them to wipe while standing, there was a long adjustable rod attached to it, due to which you did not have to bend over. Keep reading to know about Grout And Tile Cleaning Machine Rental.

Grout And Tile Cleaning Machine Rental - Know More

Then there was a new invention, which is called the grout and tile cleaning machine. The special thing about this machine is that no human can do the cleaning that this machine does. But buying this machine is not a matter for everyone because this machine is very expensive and the method of using it is a bit complicated. That’s why many companies started giving it on rent and they also send you people who go to clean your floors. If we talk about grout and tile cleaning machine rental cost, then it depends on which machine you want to take on rent and from where you want to take that machine on rent. Let us understand this in detail…

Grout and tile cleaning machine rental cost: 

See, different companies have different rental charges on different machines. Like-  

JANITORIAL SUPERSTORE rental services charge $144, in which you get a tile and grout 1200 PSI machine and you can pick it up on Friday and return it on Monday by 10 am. Apart from this, you will get a spinner tile tool, Geiko tool, pressure hose, vacuum hose, grout cleaner, a gallon of JSS Alkaline tile, and 2 jet wands (this is optional) in this package. 

If we talk about the herc rentals, then the day charges over here are $35, weekly charges are $135 and monthly charges are $375. Battery cost is not included in this, which you have to pay separately. Delivery charges are also separate. 

The Home Depot and rental pricing for Guam [Tile and Grout Steam Cleaner] are $50 for 4 hours, $72 for one day use, $288 for weekly use, and $864 for 4-weeks use. This machine does not need any chemicals, its inbuilt steam technology removes dirt and stains from the floor in a very natural way.

Depending on the location, Rug Doctor’s rental fees can range from $30 to $50 per day. Their machines are purposely made for home use and the best thing is that you don’t need any extra equipment and supplies to use their machines.

Let’s get to United Rentals, despite being bulky, these machines have great movability, which makes them ideal for large rooms. Estimated one-day charges for these machines are $261 whereas weekly and monthly charges are around $751 & $1,465 respectively. You will need an SUV, truck, van, or something to transport this machine. 

Sunbelt Rental charges are also typical prices ranging from $35 to $270 per day. But to use it at home, you require some extra tools and equipment. There are various cleaning machines available at Sunbelt Rentals, including wet/dry vacuums, and multi-surface cleaners. A single person can easily operate these machines without anyone’s help. 

Should you choose Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Service? Or should you do it yourself?

See, as I already said, these machines are a bit difficult to use by themselves. As many attachments and adjustments have to be done before using these machines, which is a bit of a complicated process. Although if you want you can also use it yourself. But after cleaning by yourself, you may not get the result that you want. When you call professionals for tile and grout cleaning, the results are different. Your floor will start to shine and their thorough cleaning will last for many days. They give a convenient, fast, and effective service at a single fee (instead of multiple cleaning materials and solution costs). This is better value for your money because the service that these rental services will give will be perfect. 


Renting a professional tile and grout cleaning machine can make the task of removing grime and stains from tile flooring a lot easier. Many commercial models of machines work great on home floors, and you might consider their movability and portability when choosing your equipment. A cleaning machine rental cost varies depending on your location, the type of machine, and the rental company. So, you choose the machine which is better for you, better for your pocket, and where you get customer satisfaction.

Grout And Tile Cleaning Machine Rental – Know More

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