Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy – Learn More

Personal checks made payable to Giant Eagle with a repayment limit of $30 are accepted at checkout lane registers for the purchase price or an amount over the purchase price. Personal checks that are only cashable can be cashed at the Customer Service Desk for a maximum of $30 per check. Customers can cash checks at Giant Eagle for a fee, subject to specific conditions. Keep reading to know about Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy - Learn More

You agree to the following terms if you present a check for cash or payment:

  • At the Customer Service Desk, a customer can apply for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card®. 
    • To activate check cashing rights on a customer’s new or existing Giant Eagle Advantage Card, they must present a valid driver’s license, state photo ID, or military picture ID. 
  • For any check transaction, Giant Eagle may request extra photo identification.
  • In the presence of an approved Giant Eagle Team Member, checks must be signed or endorsed by the cardholder. 
    • The check bears the same name as the Giant Eagle Advantage Card account holder. 
  • Front-end or store-level approval is required for starter, counter, or temporary checks. 
  • Wire transfers, money orders, lottery tickets, and VISA reloadable items do not accept personal checks for purchase.

Gaint Eagle Reviewing your check cashing Policy history

Before cashing or accepting a check, they will look up your check cashing history in their records and/or with a third-party check verification company.

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If you have any outstanding checks or fines with them or others, your check will be refused.

If you believe this is incorrect, please contact Giant Eagle Legal Department at 101 Kappa Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, or call the Customer Care Line.

Accept personal checks

Personal checks are accepted at checkout lanes and the Customer Service Desk if you have a valid Giant Eagle Advantage Card with check cashing policy privileges.

At checkout lane registers, personal checks payable to Giant Eagle are accepted for the purchase price or an amount over the purchase price up to $30 in cash back.

Personal checks that are only cashable can be cashed at the Customer Service Desk for a maximum of $30 per check.

Accept pay stubs as well as checks from the government.

A biometric verification approach is utilized to accept payroll and government cheques. To take advantage of these perks, you must first register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card.

All payroll and government checks will incur check-to-cash fees (excluding child support checks).

The Store Manager must sign off on handwritten payroll cheques. At, you can find the software’s Privacy Policy.

U.S. Traveler’s Checks are accepted 

Traveler’s checks from the United States are accepted with a $100 transaction limit. A maximum of $30 in cashback is available. A Giant Eagle employee must sign all Giant Eagle Traveler’s Checks.

Does not cash non-Giant Eagle money orders

Money orders, tax rebate checks, insurance checks, third-party checks, international traveler’s checks, and gift checks that are not issued by Giant Eagle are not accepted (cheques).

Money orders purchased at Giant Eagle can only be spent in the store where they were purchased. A receipt or a money order stub is required as proof of purchase. Along with your Giant Eagle Advantage Card®, you must show a valid photo ID.

Giant Eagle retains the right to limit the number of check transactions and the dollar amount of each one daily

Giant Eagle retains the right to set a daily (24-hour rolling time frame) and a weekly limit on the number and dollar amount of check transactions (7-day rolling time frame). Regardless of how many different Giant Eagle stores you attend, daily and weekly limits apply to all your check transactions.

Fees, Penalties & WIC

Each returned check that goes unpaid after thirty (30) days may be subject to the maximum penalty allowed by law.

  • If you do not reimburse Giant Eagle for a returned check and charge within thirty (30) days, your check cashing privileges could be permanently revoked.
  • When you pay with a check, you give them permission to perform a one-time electronic funds transfer or process the transaction as a check transaction using the information on the check.
  • The price in Indiana is $20, plus any fees paid by Giant Eagle. Questions? Call 1-800-553-2324 for more information.
  • WIC checks (in Pennsylvania, Maryland, or West Virginia) and Merchandise Rebate checks do not require a Giant Eagle Advantage Card®.
  • There are several fees associated with cashing checks at Giant Eagle. Each outlet sets its limitations and costs based on the amount that customers want to cash in.
  • Except for child support checks, all payroll and government check you cash at Giant Eagle will be charged a fee. 
  • It should be noted, however, that the check-cashing fees are often competitive when compared to those charged by other check-cashing companies.


Giant Eagle’s check-cashing hours vary depending on the branch’s opening hours. Starting at 7 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m., most branches or outlets are open for around 14 hours a day.

If you need to cash a check in one of the branches, it’s best to do so within the 14-hour window.

Giant Eagle may also impose a limit on the number of payroll and government checks you can cash in a 24-hour or seven-day period, as well as the dollar amount you can cash. This limit is consistent across all locations, although it changes for each customer based on check cashing history.

Giant Eagle Check Cashing Policy – Learn More

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