How Much Does An Au Pair Cost Per Week, Month, And Year?

Whether you have a love for children and are looking for opportunities to find work in the field of childcare, you are an exchange student looking to apply for jobs and Au Pair seems the perfect fit for you, or you have just watched the 2020 horror drama, The Haunting of Bly Manor and took an interest in the main protagonist’s job as an Au Pair working in a foreign country and want to know what it’s like to work in the field. Want to know more about the job? What is the pay like? This is the article for you! Make sure you read ahead to know more about How Much Does An Au Pair Cost Per Week, Month, And Year? 

How Much Does An Au Pair Cost Per Week, Month, And Year?

So, how much does an Au Pair cost? What does the pay for an Au Pair look like per week, month and year? The Au Pair job in the US is organized by the federal government and its regulations are decided by the same. An Au pair in the US makes approximately a minimum of $4.35 per hour or receives a stipend of nearly $195.75 per week with a 45 hour work week. And can make up to $900 per month. The Au Pair can earn anywhere between $16,900 to $33, 105 in the US. 

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What do Au Pairs do? 

An Au Pair is an individual who works as a helper from a foreign country, living with and as a part of the host family. They take on the responsibility of taking care of the children of the house as well as some housework. Au Pairs are mainly there to help with childcare, taking on any responsibility that involves childcare which can sometimes include cooking, cleaning, helping with studies, etc. however Au Pairs are not servants. The requirements for an au pair’s job can differ greatly from family to family. 

What is the Au Pair’s salary?

An Au Pair works an average of 45 hours a week. And lives with the host family who provides for their allowances, housing, and at times funds to cover education as well.  Since it is a live-in job they can only work up to 10 hours per day and are provided with offs every month and a paid vacation. With working 45 hours a week, most Au Pairs are given the allowance of 195.75 every week but can make more than that depending on the host family and the experience of the Au Pair. The regulations of the salary and expenses differ from country to country.

How long does an Au Pair stay?

Since the nature of the Au Pair job requires the Au Pair to help with childcare and looking after children it requires them to live with the host family. Au Pairs are foreign individuals who applied for this job looking for opportunities in this program which is backed by the US Federal government and they have a J-1 Visa under the Exchange Visitor Program. Depending on the Visa and the nature of the job an Au Pair can stay up to 12 months, with their host family and even live up to 2 years. 

Are Au Pairs cheaper than Nannies? 

There is a major difference between an Au Pair and a Nanny. Au Pairs are generally part of a live-in arrangement and are required and expected to become a part of the host family. They are also foreigners who are a part of a cultural exchange program. While a nanny is a regular employee with a paid salary and working hours. Au Pairs are generally cheaper than a nanny. The annual salary and minimum wages of Au Pairs are cheaper than an average nanny’s salary. It can be up to tens of thousands of dollars cheaper to go for an Au Pair since their annual cost comes around $19k to $33k, while a nanny who is also live-in can cost up to $26k and more.

How to book an Au Pair?

There are several legal and official websites and services you can refer to look for a host family or an Au Pair. 

Some of them are :

  • Au Pair World 
  • Au Pair. Com
  • Au Pair World


There is a saying that goes something like this, “it takes a village to raise a child”.We live in busy times where it can get hard for parents to find a balance, especially when it comes to childcare. With working parents who lead a busy life, any family that needs extra hands on deck to help with child-rearing, and often looks for an Au Pair to get the help they need. If you find yourself interested in the field of childcare or even hospitality, this is a great way to get the experience you need to further grow in this field. Even individuals who are already a part of the exchange program can look into this job since it provides you with housing, security, allowances and even at times aid with your education.

How Much Does An Au Pair Cost Per Week, Month, And Year?

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