Instacart Receipt Policy-Know More 

Instacart runs a tight ship, with a slew of policies in place to keep both customers and shoppers safe and satisfied. Here we will see about Instacart Receipt Policy

Instacart policy prohibits customers from including store receipt with their delivery. Instead, customers should look for a detailed itemized receipt in the Instacart app beneath each order.

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Customers who send the store receipt along with their delivery may have their accounts deactivated.

Instacart Receipt Policy

Receipts and charges

Instacart Receipt Policy

Examine the electronic receipt

They’ll give you an email copy of your full receipt after your delivery is complete, which you may see in your inbox. Check your junk/spam folder if you aren’t receiving Instacart emails.

Your delivery receipt is also available in your Instacart account

  • In your app for mobile devices
  • In the lower right corner of your screen, tap the Orders sign.
  • Choose the order in which you wish to look into things.
  • Select Receipt.

When you’re using a computer,

  • In the upper-left corner of your screen, click the three horizontal lines.
  • Select Your orders from the dropdown menu.
  • For the order, you want to review, click View Order Detail.
  • Click View Receipt at the top of the order information page.

Note: The products list for each store will be displayed as a tab on the order details page if your order includes delivery from several retailers. You’ll see a receipt for the entire order, including all stores if you click View receipt on any of these store tabs.

Your digital receipt will show any refunds

Refunds can display at the top of the page under Adjustments or at the bottom of the page under Charges on your digital receipt.

In the Adjustments section, you’ll find refunds for out-of-stock items or item issues like missing or damaged items.

If a refund sum of $0.00 appears next to an item, it suggests the customer refunded it before leaving the store. You will not see a refund on your bank or credit card statement because you were never charged for these purchases.

After your order is completed, the Charges section displays any refunds issued to your original payment method. When your order was completed, Instacart charged you the original amount.

When your order was completed, Instacart charged you the original amount.

Any refunds that Instacart made after your purchase was completed are listed under Refund for order issue.

Total Charged displays the total of your order, including any refunds applied after it has been completed.

Refund for a digital receipt that hasn’t shown up in your bank account

Instacart processes refunds quickly, however, it may take up to 10 days for them to reach your bank or credit card account.

If you are unable to locate it in your bank account. It may be possible you received a same-day refund. On your bank or credit card statement, there is no line item for same-day reimbursements.

Instead, an adjustment to the initial charge will be made. The first charge will be removed from your bill if you receive a same-day refund for the complete order total.

There are numerous charges on my receipt

When you use Instacart to place a purchase, they show you the estimated amount of your order, including taxes and fees. Additional expenses may appear at the bottom of your final receipt, if applicable.

Any products added to your order after it was placed that result in a new order totaling more than the original amount are indicated on your delivery receipt as an Additional Charge. 

If you place an order and subsequently realize you need a few more goods, you’ll be charged an extra fee equal to the difference between your original charge and the new order total.

The final item charge was more than the original pricing after any order adjustments, such as if the store is out of a certain brand and you allow a higher-priced alternative. 

If an item’s total weight exceeds the final item fee, this charge will appear on your receipt. The difference between your initial charge and the total of your amended order is the adjustment charge.

Your card statement may show a separate charge for tips added or altered after delivery.

A temporary permission hold for a sum that’s much more than your estimated order total may show.

Use Instacart Express to save money

Instacart does not require a subscription to use. Customers who wish to save money and receive additional benefits can join Instacart Express.

Unlimited free deliveries on all orders of $35 or more are available for a flat annual price or a minimal monthly subscription. Within an order, each retailer’s $35 order minimum must be met.

You may save $7 on average per order when you join Express

On every order, you’ll also get the following special bonuses:

  • Orders of $35 or more have no delivery fees (non-Express orders start at $3.99).
  • Reduced service fees

Instacart Express membership 

An Instacart Express membership can be purchased monthly or annually to receive additional discounts on your orders.

If you’re new to Instacart Express, you may also start with a free trial.

When you select your plan, pricing information is displayed.

Annual membership fees are due on the same day each year.

The same day each month is charged for monthly memberships.


Instacart has a stringent policy on receipt: customers are not allowed to bring in-store receipts with deliveries, and if they do, their accounts will be deactivated.

The shoppers are told to save the store’s paper receipt, but it is Instacart’s receipt. They could lose their job if they give you that receipt.

Customers should instead rely on Instacart receipts, which can be viewed under Orders in the app, for Instacart orders. Receipts are also sent to customers through email.


Is there a distinction between an Instacart receipt and one from a store?

The Instacart receipt differs from the store receipt, as do the prices at many stores (the more expensive charges are from Instacart).

Is it necessary for Instacart customers to keep their receipts?

Customers who use Instacart, whether in-store or online, are not required to keep receipts.

Why is it that my Instacart delivery is always late?

If feasible, plan the delivery for earlier in the day if your region is crowded. More orders have been pushed back the later it gets.

Instacart Receipt Policy-Know More 

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