National Cheese Burger Day- Know More About It

National cheeseburger day is celebrated on the 18th of September every year. A cheeseburger is simply a hamburger topped with cheese. Meltable cheeses are placed on top of the meat patty, processed cheese can be used, or any other meltable ones like cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, and pepper jack. Americans love cheeseburgers just like they love hamburgers and have chosen a day to celebrate the iconic meal. Every national cheeseburger day has a free or discounted burger waiting to be picked and eaten. The origin of the cheeseburger and its journey in the whole of America falls as far back as the early 90s. Let us know more detail about ‘National Cheese Burger Day’.

National Cheese Burger Day

National Cheese Burger Day

The history of the cheeseburger

  • A 16-year-old boy, Lionel Stemberger, was said to have invented this great delight out of curiosity, at his father’s sandwich shop in California. 
  •  At the rite shop where he assisted his father, he flipped burgers every day, and one day decided to add a piece of American cheese to a hamburger frying on the griddle. 
  • Alas! Then came the cheeseburger with its unique and cheesy taste which has ever since been sold in the streets of America. 

Thanks to Lionel, the whole of America celebrates the mouth-watering and drippingly-good cheeseburgers every September 18th. The founder of the national day though is said to be unknown. There are so many great activities that can be done on the national cheeseburger day asides from the most significant tradition, which is eating as many cheeseburgers as your stomach can hold. 

What to do on cheeseburger day?

  1. Learn how to make it by yourself– celebrating the day is a great way to indulge yourself in making your recipe for cheeseburgers. It is your time to shine by experimenting with some homemade recipes. You can get it from a local cookbook or online; the deal is to do it yourself! 
  2. Share a cheeseburger with someone you love: cheeseburgers can taste good when you make and eat them alone, but the best tase and feeling will come when you share it with someone or people you love. Going out of the way can even mean giving someone you are mad at! Maybe some cheeseburgers can save the day? 
  3. Celebrate on social media: the internet would probably be flooded with pictures and hashtags on cheeseburger day, so why should you be left out? You can let your friends and followers know that you’re with the flow by celebrating the great cheeseburger on your page or any of your handles. You can even share a video of a do-it-yourself cheeseburger. 
  4. Get a free or discounted cheeseburger from stores– maybe, you can already make a cheeseburger in your kitchen, or you can try out different flavors from your favorite stores. In-N-Out, McDonald’s, Burger King, and many other chains offer amazing deals. You can decide to take a tour with your family and friends to taste different cheeseburgers in stores near you. 

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Americans eat an average of 6 hamburgers per day. On September 18th, that number is doubled or maybe triple! The deal is to feel good for the rest of the day. 

Amazing Facts About The National Cheese Burger Day

  • The cheddar cheese is America’s number one favorite cheeseburger topping. 
  • The largest cheeseburger ever made was topped with 40 pounds of cheese and 14 pounds of bacon. It weighed 2,014 pounds. 
  • After a cheeseburger survey of Americans, more than 80% claimed to love the snack. 

A wonderful thing about cheeseburger day is that amazing deals are scattered around. Finding the right deal can be sometimes overwhelming, but here are some deals that you can’t just miss. 

Cheese Burger Day Deals 

  • Burger King – here, you can get a cheeseburger meal for as low as $3, that is a cheeseburger with fries and drink as accomplices. 
  • Mooyah- every September 18, they always offer a free cheeseburger to new and existing signups on their app. 
  • Farmer boys- cheeseburger stacked with beef, lettuce, and tomato and dressed on a seed bun is available for consumption at farmer boys on the 18th of September for just $2! 


Now we’ve learnt about ‘National Cheese Burger Day’,, everyone or almost everyone loves cheeseburgers for reasons that may include being easy-to-make and deliciously healthy. Not only in America, but in other countries these days are fond of the glorified hamburger. The glorious toppings on the burger from onions to pickles to mustards can perhaps be the enticing effect cheeseburgers have on the people of the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is national cheeseburger day also national hamburger day? 

No. National hamburger day falls on May 28 and it is a whole different ball game. 

  1. Does Mcdonald’s offer free cheeseburgers on September 18th? 

Mcdonald’s deals vary depending on your location, but there is always a discount on their cheeseburgers if it’s not free. You can usually get a cheeseburger for as low as 50 cents at Mcdonald’s in honor of National Cheeseburger Day. 

National Cheese Burger Day- Know More About It

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