What Channel Is Estrella Tv On Directv?

A very famous American Spanish Television named Estrella TV that was founded in 2009. The owner of this rapidly growing network is HPP Investment Partners, LLC. Estrella TV is a California-based company, and its main head office is in Los Angeles. Estrella TV comes under such television groups that get popular in a short duration of time due to its valuable content and also their popularity is increasing day by day.  Keep reading to know What Channel Is Estrella Tv On Directv?

What Channel Is Estrella Tv On Directv?

According to some of the confirmed sources, the Estrella TV was founded very early which means in January 2009 but due to some unavoidable situations, the launch was delayed by 9 months finally, in September 2009 the Estrella TV was launched. Lenard Liberman and Miguel Banojian both have played a big role in the development and release of the Estrella TV.

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What Channel is Estrella TV on DirecTV?

The channel number may vary from place to place but there is a high chance that the Estrella Tv has to be found on channel no. 442 on Direct Tv. All the broadcasting of the Estrella TV is managed and maintained by Liberman Broadcasting and also the Liberman Broadcasting owned the broadcasting copyrights. There are no confirmed sources about the Estrella TV stations but according to some trusted sources and some leaked information, the Estrella TV has more than 47 tv stations. 

What is Estrella TV Known For? 

Estrella TV is well known for its better content in all categories like comedy shows, all types of environments, news, shows related to comedy, and some other categories of entertainment. Nowadays it will become a fashion for all the cable tv providers that all of them are trying to provide Estrella TV in their package. Estrella TV is an American television but its work is to target the Spanish people of the USA. Because there are not so many channels for Spanish people, when Estrella TV launched it was successful very easily due to no competition.

Biggest shows on Estrella TV

  • Alarma TV
  • 100 Latinos Dijeron
  • Rica, Famous, Latina
  • Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento
  • Noches con Platanito
  • Tu-Night Con Omar Chaparro
  • Nos cayó la Noche
  • Historias Delirantes
  • Subete a mi moto
  • Chisme en vivo

Can Estrella Tv be found other than Directv?

Directv is one of the most famous Cable TV providers in the USA, therefore there is a high possibility this provider has access to some of the unique channels. The Estrella TV can be found on the other Cable TV providers along with the Directv. Some of the famous providers that can possibly provide the Estrella TV that is local TV on channel number 442, Dish on channel number 852, Xfinity on channel number 625, Charter on channel number 239, and Spectrum on channel number 24.

How to watch the Estrella Tv

There are two methods to watch the Estrella Tv. The first is by taking the satellite television bundle that incorporates the Estrella television. and the second is to watch on the live streaming stage by taking membership to applications like Hulu and Fubo.

For cable tv, you have to get inquiries from all the packages related to the Estrella TV so you can compare different planes and find suitable planes for you, and on the streaming platform, you have to choose any planes for Estrella Tv. There are some of the disadvantages of cable tv that you have to stick with your Tv and on the Streaming platform, you can watch and enjoy the Estrella tv anywhere. you can simply choose one of them.

Cost to watch Estrella TV

Mainly the costs depend upon the cable Tv provider on average the monthly cost of a cable tv package with the Estrella Tv can starts from as low as $99 and can go up to $150 per month, sometimes you have to buy Estrella Tv separately and sometimes it is included in the package. Some cable TV providers also give the 7 days of free trials on which you can easily get a refund if you do not like the Estrella Tv.


The Estrella TV is available on Directv on channel number 442, but it is highly possible that the channel number is different in different areas. Direct TV is one of the most popular Cable TV and is able to provide 190+ channels including the Estrella tv. The Estrella Tv is available on cable tv and on some big live streaming platforms with different prices and packages. Direct TV is providing the Estrella TV at a very affordable price that is likely to be cheaper than others.


Is there any method to watch Estrella TV for free?

It is not legal to watch Estrella TV for free but you can watch the 7-day trial absolutely free.

What Channel Number is Estrella on DirecTV?

 Channel Number 442 is running as Estrella on DirecTV.

Can Estrella Tv be found on YouTube?

No Estrella TV has not been on YouTube.

What Channel Is Estrella Tv On Directv?

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