Does Legoland Take Payment Plans? – Know More

Lego land is a chain of family theme parks focusing on the Lego construction toy system. The Theme Parks are not fully owned by the company. LEGO Group, but they are owned by the British company, Merlin Entertainments, as they both have a common owner. The company was founded in 1968 by LEGOLAND Billund when he opened the first theme park in Denmark, which was followed by the opening of Windsor LEGOLAND in England in 1996, and then many parks were opened in different parts of the world, like UAE (Dubai), Japan, the United States of America (Florida, New York, California) and South Korea. But all of these are just amusement parks. The only water park in Italy is located in Gardarland, in the northeastern part of the country. Let us know ‘Does Legoland Take Payment Plans?’.

Does Legoland Take Payment Plans?

What Is A Payment Plan?

A payment plan is an agreement where the payment is split across a definite period. It is referred to pay off any outstanding debt by an organised payment schedule. Different types of financing have different types of payment plans. Like for car loans or any sort of loans the customer has to pay the monthly agreed payment so the balance is cleared. And in credit cards the payment plan is if you don’t have the money right now you can just pay the minimum required amount.

Traditionally, it is referred to as the monthly due payment of the customer, which he DIRECTLY PAYS to the retailer after getting the merchandise in installments.

Does Legoland take payment plans?

Lego land has issued annual passes for their theme parks in the united states of America, where you can pay $180 for the year and get exclusive rewards like they have two passes, the first-named “brick pass” and the second named “awesome pass.”i will explain each of them thoroughly afterwards. Florida residents have the pleasure of monthly payment plans on the Lego land Premium Passes. They will have to pay $50 as a down payment, and then they can pay the rest of the $130. The total price for the annual pass is $180 in 12 monthly installments. If you don’t stop the subscription, they will continue the payment after 12 months, also issuing another annual pass.

Now let me explain the two passes of Lego land:

Brick pass

  • This pass value is $120 per year.
  • Admission to the Lego land theme park and you can also select the annual events for 12 months (Blockout dates apply).
  • You will get free parking and exclusive discounts.
  • You will also get an annual pass collectible for the whole year.

Awesome pass:

  • This pass is for $180 per year, where only Florida residents get to pay the monthly payment of $10.83, but they will have to pay a $50 down payment and the value of this pass is $180. All the payments need to be done online.
  • Unlimited admission to the Lego land theme park, Water Park, and all annual events of the year (Blockout dates don’t apply).
  • Free self-parking and also exclusive discounts.
  • You will also get exclusive collectibles throughout the year.
  • Other benefits include hotel discounts, an annual pass holder, and a 10% discount on dining and other retail purchases at all three parks in the United States, namely New York, California, and Florida.

Two more passes are named.

Awesomer Pass:

  • This pass is worth $230 and only the Florida residents will get the monthly payment options where they will have to pay $50 as a Down payment and then pay $15 every month.
  • With this plan, you get all the things that you were getting in the awesome pass.

You will receive 3 merlin attractions for 12 months, as well as some additional benefits, such as

  • Lego land is gonna open a Peppa pig theme park in 2022. You get admission to that.
  • You can also reserve a seat in the theme park for shows based on availability, as if it’s available, you will get the best seats in the house.
  • Up to 20% discounts on the in-park dining restaurants at all the three parks in the USA.

Awesomest Pass:

  • This pass is worth $300 and for Florida residents they need to pay $50 as a Down payment and the rest can be paid in monthly instalments of $20.83.
  • This pass is the best one that Lego land offers because it offers everything that previous passes did, but also many more things, like getting 30+ Merlin Attractions for 12 months.
  • Discount on digital photographs in theme parks, water park, and the peppa pig theme park
  • You also get up to 3 complimentary guest days of admission. You can bring your friend or any three members of your family and get admission for free.


Lego land made a good decision by including payment plans in their methods because it is the most popular method used by customers nowadays, and we hope that Legoland will start taking payment plans not only for Florida but also for other cities and countries.

Does Legoland Take Payment Plans? – Know More

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