What Channel Is CBS On Blue Stream?

In recent times, watching TV is now done on mobile devices and laptops or desktops. Technology has made it easy for people to watch their favorite channels on the go. This is one of the important features of the Blue Stream fiber TV app. Let us see what channel is CBS on Blue Stream.

What Channel Is CBS On Blue Stream?

The Blue Stream fiber TV is an app available on any device with access to data or Wifi connection. People in America watch their favorite TV programs from the comfort of their homes or out of their homes using the TV everywhere subscription on Blue Stream. You can watch CBS programs on Blue Stream, it comes in SD and HD. CBS affiliate channel WPEC is channel 9 and 309 in SD and HD respectively. The CBS sports channel is 166 and 566 in SD and HD. 

CBS on Blue Stream Fiber TV app

The Blue Stream fiber TV is an app that provides an awesome entertainment experience to its subscribers. On the Blue, Stream users have access to watch live TV and video on demand, and video recording. Also to watch their favorite channels at home and out of the home. 

CBS was formerly known as the Columbia broadcasting system before it was brought under the Paramount group. CBS owns and operates fifteen stations, and has other affiliation agreements with 228 additional television stations in 51 states in the United States. CBS on Blue is WPEC. WPEC is CBS local network affiliate in Florida.

On the CBS WPEC you can watch local news, weather, traffic updates, live sports, daytime, primetime, and even late-night programming. With an antenna, you can catch the channel broadcast on Channel 12 or by subscribing to a live streaming service platform like bloodstream.

CBS Channel Number on Blue Stream

CBS has over 200 channel affiliations in all the states in America and other sister channels such as CBS Sports, CBS Drama, CBS News, etc. The CBS program that you can find on Blue is the CBS affiliate channel in Florida WPEC. CBS WPEC channel number is 9 when viewing in SD and channel 309 if you want to watch it in HD. 

Another CBS channel available on the Blue Stream channel lineup is the CBS sports network. This channel number is 166 when viewing in SD and channel 566 if you desire to watch it in HD. Access to CBS channels on Blue is only open to subscribers with WTVE ( watch television everywhere) credentials. Let’s learn how to use Blue Stream on any device to watch CBS programs.

 Streaming CBS channels on Blue Stream

The Blue TV service platform has two viewing experiences for subscribers. On Blue, you can choose to enjoy your television programs at home or out of the home. The streaming experience and functions available on Blue Stream depends on location. Blue Stream has two streaming options

  • In-home streaming- In-home streaming allows subscribers to watch recordings, record shows, watch live TV and get the details about shows airing on live TV. But your mobile device must be connected to a WIFI, not a 3G, 4G, or LTE connection.
  • Out-of-home streaming- This occurs when your streaming device is connected to any network connection other than your home WIFI. All Blue features are available only when your device is connected to your home WIFI network.

 What devices can I use to watch CBS on Blue Stream?

To watch CBS on Blue you need an Android, IPAD, laptop, desktop, or even a television. Blue works on both television and android phones. You only need to download the Blue fiber TV on iTunes or Google play for free. 

After downloading make sure you downloaded the latest version. Then check if you have a Blue Stream set-top box that is compatible and connected to your home network. Everything starts with registering for WTVE credentials. When you have those you can get started with blue, access shows, and other content providers like Netflix, HBO MAX, etc.

 What programs can I watch on CBS on Blue Stream?

On Blue Stream, you can access the CBS WPEC channel on channels 9 and 309 in SD and HD. This is a local news station in Florida, you can also tune in for live videos, talk shows, and entertainment programs. On CBS Sports on channels number 166 and 566, you can get Live videos plus recent updates on Sports news and games.  


The Blue Stream fiber TV is a popular streaming service in the United States that operates on both mobile devices and televisions at home with internet and subscription. CBS is one of the oldest networks on Blue Stream Fiber TV that provides quality news updates, prime time, and daily and late-night programming.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How can I get access to Blue Stream?

You can access Blue Stream with your Watch TV everywhere credentials. After registering for your WTVE credentials you can begin your streaming experience with Blue Stream on your mobile device and television at your home.

  1. Can I find CBS on Blue Stream?

Yes CBS channels are available on the Blue Stream fiber TV channel lineup, you will find CBS when you download the Blue Stream app and log in on your mobile device.

What Channel Is CBS On Blue Stream?

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