Benton’s crispy coconut rolls – Know more

Just like the variety of delicacies that are available today, for coconut lovers, here’s an amazing product that they can cherish. Benton’s crispy coconut rolls are a magical treat for all coconut snack lovers. The love and reviews that this product has received are commendable indeed. It is a specialty that is available in all supermarket stores in the United States of America. It is the most famous product at the Aldi supermarket store, the largest grocery chain of stores in the States. These crispy rolls are a good evening snack that has received excellent reviews for taste and good quality. It has positive and good reviews all over the internet as well. Benton’s crispy rolls are available in a packet that contains a few coconut rolls. These are also made with freshly roasted black sesame seeds. These sesame seeds have a lot of nutritional value, besides adding flavor and quality to these crispy coconut rolls. These Benton’s crispy coconut rolls are most available in the supermarket stores during a particular season. Some items are always on the run and hence are available in the market outlets for very less duration of time. However, when this product is present in stores, they sell very quickly. The demand and supply ratio of this product is high. Everyone sure does love coconuts and hence are major fans of Benton. The ingredients that are used in the making of these yummy crispy coconut rolls are of high quality and are surely the best.

Benton’s crispy coconut rolls

Its reviews 

The reviews and comments that this product has received from its customers show its high-quality taste and amazing quality. These Benton’s crispy coconut rolls are available for a very reasonable price at any local supermarket store. It is affordable and priced at a very minimal amount. Therefore, the value of money of this product is excellent. The number of coconut rolls that come in each bag is really good too. The entire package is quite filling and satisfying for such an affordable price. 

Ingredients present in Benton’s crispy coconut rolls-

These rolls are one of a kind. They are delicious in terms of taste and quality. They are a blessing for coconut product lovers. Those who are fond admirers of coconut-based chocolates like Bounty’s will surely love these coconut rolls too. These Benton’s coconut rolls contain the following ingredients. It is made of coconut milk extract, tapioca flour, eggs, water, sugar, and salt and the main ingredient is the black sesame seeds. This crispy coconut snack as mentioned even contains eggs which indicate it is not a vegan-based product. This is the only sad and disappointing fact about this product. 

Nutritional value of Benton’s crispy coconut rolls-

These yummy Benton’s crispy coconut rolls are known for their taste and uniqueness. Such inventions in the cuisine industry are rare and hence valued by the customers and foodies all over the world. These products are also nutritious as they should be. The amount of energy that it provides is just the right amount that is needed as well. It doesn’t contain any non-vegetarian ingredients in it. However, it is not a vegan-based product because of the presence of eggs in these crispy coconut rolls. It is also said to be gluten-free as it does not contain gluten products. It doesn’t contain any additives, particularly for the coconut flavor to be enhanced. Therefore, it is the best snack one can bite on after a hectic day of work and stress. 

Price and value for money of Benton’s crispy coconut rolls

These are so affordable for the common man. A pack of Benton’s crispy coconut rolls weighs around five ounces and comes with many rolls in it. Each bag contains about eight to 10. The quantity is quite sufficient and the customers were satisfied with the quantity it was providing for the given amount of money. Each bag costs around $3 which is affordable and cheap. 


These Benton’s crispy coconut rolls are truly a blessing for many snack lovers who need something to constantly bite on. And if they love coconut and coconut-based products, they are in for a definite treat. The price, quality, and taste of these coconut rolls are just on point. The only disadvantage that most people complained about was that the length of the rolls was shorter than they expected it to be.


Q) How many calories does a pack of Benton’s crispy coconut rolls add to your diet? 

A) Though extremely well cooked and appropriate for a person on a diet, these Benton’s crispy coconut rolls do add to your calorie count. Therefore, persons on a strict diet should go through the calories present in these coconut rolls before consuming them. One pack of Benton’s crispy coconut rolls that contains 8 to 10 rolls provides you with around 170 calories per 35g of servings. This is a little too much for the people that are on a strict diet. For the normal category of people, this number of calories isn’t too much.

Q) What is the exact taste and flavor that Benton’s crispy coconut rolls impart?

A) The taste of Benton’s is something one who relishes it will never forget. It has a slightly sweetish flavor to it because of the slightly higher amount of sugar present in it. It also has a slightly creamy flavor to it which is mainly because of the presence of coconut powder in it. However, this flavor of coconut isn’t artificial due to any preservatives or any flavoring agents that are added to it. It is purely due to the natural coconut powder that is present in it. This texture makes the rolls light and easy to bite and snack on.

Benton’s crispy coconut rolls – Know more

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