What does it mean your order is being processed?

In this era, online shopping has become very common for all. Whenever someone needs something, most of them end up buying them online until or unless the product is very near to them. As a customer, people love convenience, while purchasing something online is less time-consuming than buying something offline, the processing time takes a bit longer, a few days, and sometimes it takes even a week depending on the kind of products you have ordered, which is not so good from the consumer’s perspective. What if they need something within a day or two!. In this article we shall see what does it mean your order is being processed?

What does it mean your order is being processed?


In simple language, whenever someone orders something, from purchasing to getting it delivered is called the processing period. In the middle of that time zone, your product will go through several phases. For example, if someone purchases something from Amazon, the largest e-commerce business out there, the majority of people end up buying things from Amazon.The process goes like this, once the order is made, the seller will take that order, after that, the product will be shipped to the warehouse from the retail seller, after that, in a warehouse, the product will be packaged and then it will be sent to the mentioned address.


Online shopping is the common thing that has impacted the offline market a lot in the last decade mostly. People love to shop online because they are getting benefits in the form of time, and money, but sometimes they go with offline purchases, and the reason behind this is the processing time. Sometimes, it takes more than a week in the rural areas, which is not suitable for the customers. Let’s see what happens in that process?

In this process, someone’s order goes through a few phases, such as:-


When someone orders something, the business gets a notification that someone has placed an order, and from that moment, processing starts. And then, the first thing that happens is order placement. After that, the retail seller or the e-commerce company gets the customer’s order, with it a bunch of other information like quantity and delivery address (including the product someone has ordered). In that process, the company checks the availability of that product whether the product is in stock or not! Then the company checks the nearest warehouse for that particular order. These are the things that happen in that process.


This part of the process happens with a lot of caution, because here, a picker has to pick up the product from the warehouse or if it is not there then, the picker has to pick it up from the seller. The sooner someone’s order gets picked, the sooner it can be delivered to its address. After picking one product for one customer, a picker can take some other products for other customers simultaneously by showing a slip or spreadsheet.


 After picking up all the products, the next step is to categorize all the items based on their destination. It is important to categorize all the products, so it would help delivery guys to find the right product. It is an essential step that shows all products are ready to be packed.   


In this process, the packaging is one of the most significant steps after selecting the product for one particular address. Here, the item gets packed in a box, and it gets its label on the box where all the details related to the product are given. That is the last step taken by the company, after that, it hands it over to a delivery boy.


That is the last step in that process before the product reaches its customer’s hands. Shipping simply means the product has already left the warehouse and now it is on the way. A person carries it from the warehouse to its destination and the journey is called shipping. Someone cannot cancel a product after it has been shipped. So, if someone wants to cancel a product, he or she could cancel the ordered item in any of its processes except shipping. If it is necessary to cancel the item then it can get its cancellation at the time when the item is being delivered.So, these are the phases a product or item has to go through after getting selected as an order.


Throughout this article, people might have got an overview of what exactly happens after ordering something online. And the best part is that in all the phases someone can check on their devices which stage their product is on! Whether the product is in the picking phase or packaging or has it been shipped or not! To access these phases someone has to go to the website’s account, then check the option of ‘my order’ and the person will get to see all the products that have been ordered using that website including the current one.

What does it mean your order is being processed?

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