How much do uberblack drivers earn? – Know more

A lot of people or drivers have this doubt in their minds how much money does an Uber black driver make? In a real sense, uber black drivers make a lot of money, even more money than someone who is just an uber driver. Everyone has heard and traveled on uber but sometimes people are not able to make a difference between an uber driver and someone who is an uber black driver. So lets us see How much do uberblack drivers earn?

How much do uberblack drivers earn?


For the readers who have confusion regarding uber black, then in simple words, the meaning of this is Uber’s black car services. If someone (an uber driver) wants to get into that category, then it is necessary to have a clear idea of what uber black means!

Uber is a billion-dollar company that has been providing services across the globe. The concept of providing car services got a lot of criticism by the people or even venture capitalists, and now everyone knows the value of Uber. Nowadays, it has become a kind of trend for a lot of people that they would only go outside through a car service providing company like Uber.  

Uber black is a part of Uber and an advanced move taken by Uber to make the company profitable. Those cars are not only black but luxurious (Audi A6, Cadillac XTS, or Lexus ES-350) too. So, naturally, the cost of traveling by Uber black is much higher than traveling by a normal Uber. Anybody can travel by Uber black, just make sure it is available in your locality. Because Uber provides its Uber-black services in large and medium large-size cities.


Some drivers want to get into that category and wonder how much money they can make, so here you will find the data and a parallel comparison with UberX. Uber Black drivers can make lots of money based on per mile and per minute rather than per hour.

For example, let’s pick the example of New York City. In the starting time, UberX used to charge around $4.50 per mile based on the passengers’ locality they were living in, and Uber Black used to charge around $9.00 per mile, almost double. One important key point is that UberX prices were higher than taxis in New York.

In its initial stage, to hire more drivers, Uber had to give a handsome salary to the drivers and later they cut down the salary by roughly 50%. It might be their business strategy and for that matter, Uber had to face a lot of criticism and strikes by the drivers. And because Uber cut down the salary, the cost of traveling in Uber eventually came down. Now UberX is charging around $1.75 per mile which is lower than a taxi in New York City, and the cost of Uber Black is around $3.75. If anyone reads the article closely then they will get to know that the cost of traveling in Uber Black is always double that of UberX.

If someone is waiting to get a straight answer, there isn’t any guarantee that everybody will be making the same amount of money, it depends on the driver’s activeness, but in general, an Uber Black driver makes between $30-50 per hour. Although it depends on a lot of things like the city a driver is driving an Uber Black, the distance of driving, and even traffic conditions matter a lot because the sooner someone can complete a trip, the sooner that person can start another one and the more trip a driver will give, the more money he will generate. If all the conditions would work in someone’s favor, then that person can make more than $100, even more than $150 in an hour.

But hold on! If that would be the case and would be that easy then, everyone would have left their current job and eventually would have started driving Uber Black. First and foremost, if someone wants to become an Uber Black driver then he should have years of driving experience and a lot of documents that need to be verified. That is not the only issue, even though it is not such a bigger problem compared to the returns that have been mentioned throughout this article. 

To make money, an Uber Black driver has to go through a lot of critical circumstances.  A driver has to spend a lot of hours online to receive one phone call because everyone cannot effort to travel by Uber Black regularly. To get a little extra comfort a person would not like to spend almost 2x money always. So, to get calls regularly, an Uber Driver has to be in places where people are rich and at the same time, they love to show off. One benefit of driving Uber Black is that by driving half the time compared to an UberX driver, a person is making the same amount of money. So, before starting a career in that field, it would be better to keep these things in mind.


Throughout this article, you might have gotten an idea about how much an Uber Black driver can make and how it depends on a lot of factors. If someone wants the accurate answer to that question, then instead of visiting tons of websites, you can go to the real Uber Black drivers like someone can go to the airports to meet those people who are running an Uber Black and ask them to show their earnings on their driver apps.

How much do uberblack drivers earn? – Know more

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