Kohl’s Return Policy- Know More About It

People’s shopping experiences have changed over time. In olden times people had to visit marketplaces to buy anything that they required. But now the situation has completely changed, it completely depends on your will whether you want to shop online or visit a marketplace. Shopping can be exciting and challenging as well. There are instances when you buy things but they are not what you had anticipated.  Hence, there are situations where you need to return the product but you have to comply with some return policy before returning the product. In this article, we will go through the Kohl’s Return Policy and know what you should do to return your purchase to Kohl’s. Let’s learn about ‘Kohl’s Return Policy’.

Kohls Return Policy

How is Kohl’s Return Policy?

Kohl’s has a straightforward return policy, accepting majority returns up to 180 days from the initial issue date, with or without a voucher. When it pertains to branded and expensive items, there are some restrictions, such as:

  • Luxury gadgets and watches should be returned along with the complete packing and a legitimate invoice or account/tender lookup between the timeframe of 30 days of receiving the product.
  • Buying of beauty products which include Sephora at Kohl’s or Wellness Market should be brand new or lightly used, and should be returned within 60 days of buying with a legitimate invoice or account lookup.

The fastest and simplest option to get a reimbursement or credit is to return the products to Kohl’s store. Customers should make sure that they have the purchase invoice for the returned product before going to the nearby Kohl’s shop. Sign into the Kohls.com online account, navigate to Order History to obtain a copy of the purchase receipt.

In case the customer is unable to find the purchase details or the invoice, then it is possible for the store in charge to help the customer if they utilized a Kohl’s Charge. A store in charge can search up to 180 days of shopping details for a Kohl’s Card purchase. However, if the customer is unable to find the purchase details and they do not have a voucher, the customer will be granted a Kohl’s Merchandise Credit or a corporate grant reimbursement.

Some Points to Remember About Kohl’s Return Policy

  • Kohl’s Modified Return Policy applies to certain products.
  • A customer refund will be applied to the same credit card that was utilized at the point of the transaction. The refund may take up to 30 days to be transferred to the customer’s account. The financial organization’s approval timeline may differ.
  • Rather than a credit back to the account, Kohl’s Merchandise Reward may be offered. If the customer opts for this method, they may inform an associate.
  • In-store transactions should be returned to Kohl’s particular store and cannot be returned by post. These products should be returned to the Customer Service Counter.
  • Kohl’s Modified Return Policy applies to certain products.

How to Return the Purchase Through Post?

The shipping charges spent on the purchase are not returned while returning products bought on Kohls.com. The sum paid for the product will be refunded in full.

There are three basic steps that a customer can use to return the product.

1. Print the Purchase Receipt by logging into the Kohls.com profile.

2. Pack the product, together with the filled-in Return Form, in a package with care.

3. Return the product to the official address on the Return Form. Also, please note that all things should be tagged. Wearing or using the items is not recommended. The expense of return postage will not be covered by Kohl’s. And the refund would be granted within 30 days of receiving the merchandise. 


When you purchase a product, we are not obligated to keep it if it is damaged or does not meet our requirements. Many businesses and establishments are willing to accept customer return requests.. However, there are specific return policies that customers must follow for their returns to be processed. Kohl’s will accept returns for up to 180 days, but there are some exceptions to it.

Some Frequently Asked questions

1. Is it possible to return merchandise after the 180-day timeframe has elapsed at Kohl’s?

Ans: No, Kohl’s orders are not eligible for returns beyond 180 days.

2. What is the definition of return abuse?

Ans: If a consumer abuses a seller’s return policy to the point where it turns unprofitable, this is known as returns abuse.

3. Is Kohl’s willing to take clothes in return?

Ans: Buyers have the option to return anything, even if it has been washed.

4. Is it possible to request a refund without an invoice?

Ans: The customer can return a product without an invoice and still get a complete refund under the Consumer Rights Act but the customer should return the product within 30 days.

Kohl’s Return Policy- Know More About It

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