YouTube TV VS DirectTV Stream-Know More

In this modern era, there is cutthroat competition among the leading non-cable service providers. A large number of people have switched today to cutting off their cables and using these more friendly services of channel providers.When you first think about these, the top two names that come to everyone’s minds are YouTube TV and DirectTV stream. Both of these providers are almost of the same price value and they offer nearly the same content and quality of channels. It is indeed very difficult to select points of difference and the superior one out of these two well-known ones.YouTube TV has a massive fan base in terms of the number of subscribers and the reach it has all over the world. Therefore, in terms of audience connectivity and interaction, YouTube TV has got it all. It has a very user-friendly interface that most people are already quite familiar with and hence find it less difficult to browse through and use YouTube TV. 

YouTube TV VS DirectTV Stream

Difference between the YouTube TV and DirectTV Stream

DirectTV Stream is also one of the leading services in today’s world mainly because of its impressive sports packages that are to die for and for its amazing bundles of channel packages. These are the key features that highlight the two non-cable entertainment providers in their ways. However, it is a one-on-one competition between the two. There are many aspects in which both the YouTube TV and DirectTV Streams are similar, for example they almost have the same price. Both these channels offer a free trial to their customers to enjoy their services and then decide accordingly. Both these providers offer local channel subscriptions in their package deal. Both these providers also have unlimited cloud DVR storage which is highly beneficial to the users. Some of the striking differences present between the two are mentioned in this article.

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Selection of a wide range of channels-

When selecting an entertainment-providing package, everyone first looks up the variety and list of channels that come in the package. This is the main feature that most people focus on while making a selection. In the wide variety of channels category, YouTube TV gets the prize for providing a large number of channel line-up, unlike DirectTV Stream which offers just the main channels. Therefore, for the ones who browse many channels and aren’t just stagnant users, YouTube TV should be your choice.

The user interface and convenience while accessing-

As most people are already quite familiar with YouTube and use it almost every day, they find the interface of YouTube TV very friendly and more easily accessible than DirectTV Stream. YouTube TV has a more sophisticated approach in its alignment of options and toolbars for streaming and accessing channels. DirectTV Stream isn’t far behind too in this aspect. However, its mode of alignment and accessibility is more on the traditional cable TV aspect.

The cost of packages and their value for money-

The next thing everyone looks at after they are satisfied with the choice of channels and the easy accessibility of the service is the price and cost of the package. YouTube TV costs around $65 per month for its package and offers a wide range of channel line-ups and options in exchange. On the other hand, DirectTV Stream is priced at about $70 per month which is slightly expensive because it offers a comparatively lesser amount of variety in channels.

Number of devices and number of accounts that can be used with one subscription-

Another feature that people look for when they have to select between two-channel service providers is the mode of usage and how many people can access one package. The YouTube TV can be accessed on three devices simultaneously and can only be opened on three devices. However, though the DirectTV Stream can be opened on about twenty devices, it can also be used on a maximum of three devices.

The vast range of on-demand channel content and Live TV accessibility-

This feature is more elaborately present in DirectTV Stream than in YouTube TV. Live TV accessibility though present on YouTube TV is good but highly selective. Therefore, in this aspect, DirectTV Stream is the better option of the two.

For a vast range of Sports channels-

If there is one thing that DirectTV Stream is known for is that the wide range of sports channels that are present can be viewed with this package of DirectTV Stream. For all the sports channel lovers who love a variety of channels depicting different sports, this channel provider is the one to go.

Preference for non-cable service providers-

At the end of the day, it comes down to what one’s priority is and how one wants their package to be. One feature might not be significant for someone to consider while selecting their entertainment packages. Therefore, according to people’s priorities and preferences, a decision has to be made regarding which package they should choose.


To end with the note that the YouTube TV and DirectTV Stream are available almost at the same price except for a five-dollar difference. The content and quality of channels that YouTube TV offers are far superior. The DirectTV Stream takes home the best sports channel line-up for its excellent collection of sports channels


Q) Comparing YouTube TV and DirectTV Stream, which one is more affordable for the average man?

A) The vast line-up of channels and the variety offered on YouTube TV are well organised. This plan is all offered at a price than is lesser than DirectTV Stream’s price. Therefore, between the two-channel provider services, YouTube TV offers more numbers and a variety of channels for a better and cheaper price. YouTube TV is priced at around $65 per month while DirectTV Stream is priced at about $70 per month. There is a slight price difference and even the quality difference is notable in this case.

YouTube TV VS DirectTV Stream-Know More

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