Philo TV Packages- Know More About It

Philo is an OTT (over the top) service owned by Disney which means it comes through the internet. It is similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime but different in the sense that its main focus is live tv, it streams programs as they are broadcasted on normal cable networks. It has several competitors in this category but they provide different channels, features, and prices. These include Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, Youtube Tv, and Fubo TV. The company offers a 7-day free trial to new customers. All one has to do is open the website and sign using a phone number. Philo Tv offers only one package of $25 monthly. This price was set in June 2021 and users who had subscribed earlier than this date continue to pay the previous price of $20 per month. After the free trial one can get add-ons of Starz and Epix for $9 or $6 respectively. Let’s learn about ‘Philo TV Packages’.

Philo TV Packages

Philo TV Packages


It lets viewers watch tv channels for a much lower cost. It is one of the best alternatives to cable tv and it has the perk of recording live tv from over 60 channels. It features a lot of popular options despite not being connected with a lot of major cable networks or local channels. Popular cable networks like Nickelodeon, BBC America, Comedy Central, Food Network, etc. ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox are some of the local channels that can’t be viewed on Philo TV. One other drawback is that it does not have a lot of choices in sports categories. The channels can be scrolled through a live guide which is in a grid format. Channels are also integrated into Google TV which can be accessed directly from the Live tab. Crackle, its free channel, contains thousands of movies and tv shows. It also has Bloomberg Tv and Revry. 

  • Bloomberg Tv- Specialises in business, market, and technology news 
  • Revry- First streaming network on a global basis focused on the LGBTQ+ community.

Channel Add-ons

There are three options available:

  1. Movies- subscribers can get channels for extra 3 dollars monthly
  • Cinema
  • HDNet Movies
  • Sony Movies
  • Reelz
  1. Epix- for 6 dollars monthly
  • EPIX
  • EPIX Hits
  • EPIX2 Channels
  1. Straz- for 9 dollars monthly
  • Starz 
  • Starz Encore
  • Starz Kids and Family
  1. Sports networks can be added for $15/month.
  1. Kids’ entertainment and lifestyle networks can be added for $5/month.

Supported Devices

It is supported by IOS and Android. It includes web browsers and major smart TVs, streaming boxes, and firesticks. It does not support game consoles. Philo TV can be streamed on the Philo website and the app on many devices.  

  • iPhones
  • Android devices
  • Fire tv
  • Roku
  • Apple Tv
  • Chromecast 

Philo TV DVR

Shows and movies that are scheduled to broadcast and are currently broadcasting can be recorded on DVR. This can be watched later and stays on the DVR for 30 days. One of the best features is that you can fast forward or rewind commercials. 

It has two minor drawbacks;

  • If you record a show then it will record every single episode. 
  • The recordings cannot be deleted before 30 days. But, the recording has no limit so there is no issue with space. 

Philo Reviews

It is suitable for people on a tight budget and will give you value for your money. It allows multiple streams and a DVR that allows unlimited storing of content. Another plus is the option to rewind anything that has aired in the last 72 hours. It works smoothly on most devices but does not support game consoles. Reviewers are critical of Philo’s limited options for new channels and lack of sports and local networks. It’s not a good choice for people interested in news and sports but an affordable selection for those that seek more entertainment and lifestyle networks.


Now we’ve learnt about ‘Philo TV Packages’, It is the wisest choice to make in the streaming services as it lets one escape from paying high cable bill, and non-cancellable contracts with the cable networks. It has a slick interface which makes using Philo a wholesome experience. Users can try Philo TV’s 7-day free trial to decide whether the service is worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. Can you stream Philo on multiple devices?

Ans. It allows three streams on three devices at the same time. It lets users create ten profiles on a single account.

Que. Is Philo tv’s package cheap?

Ans. For Sling tv, the cheapest plan is $30/month, with Hulu+Live TV it is $65/month and Youtube tv and Fubo tv for the same price. In comparison to this, Philo tv costs just $20/month for 60 plus channels.

Que. Do other live tv streaming companies provide free trials?

Ans. Yes, Hulu+Live tv has a 7-day free trial, so does Youtube tv, although you can find a special promotion for 14 days. Fubo tv also has a 7 day free trial.

Philo TV Packages- Know More About It

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