What Is Kroger In California? -Know More About It

Kroger is an American Retail Company. It has several retail supermarkets and department stores spread across the USA and cater to a wide range of customers. Bernard Kroger founded this company in 1883 and its current CEO is Rodney McMullen. It has several subsidiaries like Fred Meyer, King Soopers, Food 4 Less, Dillons, QFC, etc. Let us know about “What Is Kroger In California?”

What Is Kroger In California?

What Is Kroger In California?

One of its subsidiaries is Ralphs Grocery Company. Kroger is headquartered in Cincinnati, United States. The equivalent of Kroger is Ralphs in California. It is a Kroger subsidiary and an innovative supermarket chain. It is one of the oldest supermarket chains. The regional grocer was founded by  George Albert Ralphs with his brother Walter. Ralphs dominates the grocery market in Southern California. It has a catchy motto, “Fresh Food, Low Prices.”


Ralphs Grocery Company was established in Los Angeles in 1873. It was done by two remarkable men, George Albert Ralphs along with his brother, Walter Ralphs. It started dominating its space in the grocery sector and was acquired by Federated Department Stores in Cincinnati. Next, Yucaipa Companies acquired Ralph in 1994 and merged it with Food 4 Less.

Stores based on the Fred Mayer model, a chain of hypermarket stores, started opening in the suburban areas after Yucaipa sold Ralphs to Fred Mayer in 1997. Fred Mayer is based in Portland, Oregon. Kroger came into the picture when Fred Mayer merged with the former in October 1998. Ralphs had its operations in Northern California with several Albertsons and Lucky stores till 2006. After that, all except one store was closed and the remaining one was also served a 60-day closure notice after a couple of months. The company also sold eleven of its Cala-Bell stores to Harley DeLano, Co-President at Cala Foods. It opened its biggest store on 9th and Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles with a size of  50,000 square foot. Currently, 200 supermarkets, as a subsidiary of Krogers, dominates Los Angeles and its environs.

Who Is George Albert Ralphs?

He was born in 1850 in Missouri. One of the biggest names in the retail sector was a former bricklayer who got into the grocery business after an accident in which he lost his arm. After much hardship, he opened his store, Ralph, and Francis in 1873 with S.A. Francis. Later, Ralph bought Francis’ share of the company and made his brother, Walter, a business partner, and renamed the company “Walter Brothers.” He was an eminent American Businessman.

Popular Locations For Ralphs Grocery Stores:

San Diego, California

Thousand Oaks, California

Tustin, California

Garden Grove, California

Indio, California

Los Angeles, California

Offers And Discounts

They offer an exclusive Member Benefits guide. One can get discounts all over California by using their Club Card. Offers range from the category of car rentals to fine dining and restaurants. With Ralphs Fine Wine club, customers can get favorite vintages on a win. Ralph also brings to its customers Fresh Fare, which is a brand new type of superstore, providing its users with only the best items out there. They give out digital coupons, gift cards, and numerous discounts to retain their customer base. 

Fresh Fare

Ralphs Fresh Fare started offering top-quality gourmet food products in 2000. It is a concept that takes advantage of stores in the size range of 25,000 to 35,000 square feet in upscale neighborhoods and tries to benefit from small real estate. It is based on perishables products. The range of items provided at these kinds of stores is different as it includes gourmet and home meal replacement products and an assortment of nonfood specialty items. It has been noted by Ralph supermarket (a division of Ralphs Grocery) President, Sam Duncan that sales are up around 50 percent at the four conventional stores that were converted into Fresh Fare format. 

Social, Political, And Environmental Causes

It can be observed that it supports various causes of importance. They are dedicated to trying to create a more diverse and inclusive work environment. It has been recognized as the best place to work for the LGBTQ+ community by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for four consecutive years. They onboard black-founded and black-owned businesses to empower the black community and also celebrate Black History month to make their employees and customers seen and heard. They aim for Zero waste and diligently try to make their customers aware of the campaign. They have tips on their website on how to reduce waste and motivate people to do the same. Ralphs also actively campaigns for Zero Hunger by 2025. They also provide women with a strong platform by celebrating Women’s History Month in March. In alignment with their values, they support women-owned and founded brands.

Honors and Awards

It has been ranked #10 on Forbes Corporate Responders’ Top Employers’ Responses to the Pandemic. Kroger, the parent company of Ralphs, was named one of America’s most responsible companies by Newsweek in 2021. WBENC recognized the company as a top corporation for Women’s Business.


Now we have learnt “What Is Kroger In California?”, Ralphs runs approximately 400 stores across California, with tens of thousands of products available to customers, many of which are sold under the Ralphs private label. Though most Ralphs stores are called Ralphs, the firm also has many locations in Northern California called Cala Foods and Bell Markets, as well as big warehouse stores in Nevada called Food 4 Less, Foods Co, and PriceRite.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Que. Who are the main competitors of Ralphs?

Ans. Albertson’s Inc, Safeway Inc., Stater Brother Holdings Inc., Lucky stores Inc., etc are its biggest competitors.

Que. How many stores does Ralphs have?

Ans. Ralphs has 465 stores in Northern, Southern, and Midwest California. With the merger with Fred Meyer, it now also operates 800 food and drug stores.

Que. Does Ralph’s own brands?

Ans. Ralphs has several private labels like Home Chef, Murray’s Cheese, Simple Truth, Private Selection, Bloom Haus, etc.

Que. Does the company have vegan options?

Ans. Yes, one can find many plant-based options under the category of “Specialty Diets.” It offers Diary alternatives, Meat alternatives, supplements, etc.

What Is Kroger In California? -Know More About It

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