Transavia Pet Policy – Know More

Are you looking to fly with your furry friend but don’t know what the pet policy is for Transavia flights? In this article, we’ll discuss the pet policy for Transavia flights and help you to decide whether or not flying with your pet is right for you. Let us know ‘Transavia Pet Policy’.

Transavia Pet Policy

Transavia’s pet policy is as follows:-

All pets must be accompanied by their guardian at all times (i.e.), they do not allow animals on board without a valid health certificate or vaccination record from an authorized veterinarian

Transavia Pet Policy – What You Need To Know

Transavia is one of the most popular budget airlines in Europe, and as such, they have a strict no-pet policy. This means that any pet you bring onboard will be subject to removal from the aircraft and possible prosecution. There are some exceptions to this rule – dogs traveling with their owner within the European Union (excluding Turkish Airlines) or Norway may travel without restriction. However, all other pets must be carried on as cargo and cannot be taken into any cabin.

  • Beginning May 1, 2018, all customers traveling with a pet on board will need to comply with the new Pet Policy of Transavia Airlines. This policy requires that all pets be travel-sized and confined in an approved carrier or kennel during takeoffs and landings.
  • Pets must also be kept dehydrated and well-behaved (a sign of good behavior is silence inside the aircraft). In addition, animals MUST not occupy a seat at any time. If your pet exceeds these requirements, you may be subject to additional fees or have your animal removed from the flight.

How To Enroll Your Dog In A Pet Policy With Transavia?

If you are traveling with your dog and would like to enroll them in Transavia’s pet policy, please follow these steps:

  • Contact their customer support team at 888-737-2583 or via live chat. They will be happy to help you set up a new account and enroll your dog in the pet policy.
  • Complete the enrollment form online and send it along with your passport copy, rabies certificate (if applicable), photo of both you and your dog, and veterinary health insurance card (if applicable) to Your registration will take approximately 24 hours to process.

Transavia’s Safe And Secure Pet Travel Process

Here at Transavia, they take the safety and security of their passengers’ pets very seriously. That’s why they have a Safe and Secure Pet Travel Process that ensures that your pet is traveling in a safe and secure environment.

  • They work with trusted third-party animal transportation companies to transport your pet safely from one destination to another. These companies are licensed, registered, insured, and audited for their compliance with international animal welfare standards. All of our carriers follow strict guidelines for keeping animals healthy during travel; all handling is done humanely and under proper sanitary conditions.
  • Once your pet leaves your care,they are in the hands of a new guardian(s). They will send you complete details about each step of their journey so that you can stay updated on their well-being.

Transavia Pet Policy: Boarding

The following policy applies to all customers boarding a Transavia pet aboard the aircraft:

  • All pets must be placed in a carrying case or carrier that is small enough to fit into your carry-on bag. The carrier/carrying case cannot exceed 12″ x 12″, and it should not weigh more than 3 pounds. they do not accept any type of stroller, fanny pack, or backpacks as carriers for pets.
  • Pets will ONLY be allowed on board if they are wearing their original identification tag and an appropriate rabies vaccination document dated within the last three months (more information can be found here).
  • If you feel that your pet might become injured while traveling with them, please contact Customer Service immediately so they can relay this information to the airport staff who are responsible for enforcing this policy.


Transavia is known for providing world-class service to its passengers. Transavia has always impressed its passengers with its affordable and comfortable services. Its service for pets has made traveling easier for all. If you haven’t already, give it a try!!


  1. What happens if I am delayed at the airport and miss my connecting flight because of this issue?

If you are delayed at the airport and miss your connecting flight, you may be eligible for a refund of your ticket price and transportation costs. 

  1. What should I know about pet travel?

Some airlines require that all animals be transported in an airline-approved carrier and must remain on a leash at all times.

  1. How do I notify staff that my animal needs to be carried during the flight?

Airlines have strict regulations regarding the transportation of animals, and if your pet needs to be carried during the flight, you will need to contact airline staff in advance.

  1. How do I notify staff that my animal needs to be carried during the flight?

Airlines commonly require that animals be carried during the flight, either in a carrier or on their person. 

Transavia Pet Policy – Know More

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